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Chapter: 2D -

45:2D-1: Short title.

45:2D-2: Findings, declarations relative to licensing, certification of alcohol, drug counselors.

45:2D-3: Definitions relative to licensing, certification of alcohol, drug counselors.

45:2D-4: Requirements for licensure as licensed clinical alcohol, drug counselor.

45:2D-5: Requirements for certification as certified alcohol, drug counselor.

45:2D-6: Review of qualifications.

45:2D-7: Application fee, renewal.

45:2D-8: Licensure, certification required for practice.

45:2D-9: Construction of act.

45:2D-10: Granting license, certification to individual licensed, certified out-of-State.

45:2D-11: Disclosure of confidential information prohibited.

45:2D-12: Alcohol and Drug Counselor Committee.

45:2D-13: Membership; terms; filling of vacancies; election of officers.

45:2D-14: Powers, duties of committee.

45:2D-15: Executive director; compensation of members; fees.

45:2D-16: Waiver of licensing, certification requirements.

45:2D-17: Applicability of C.45:1-14 et seq.