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Chapter: 24 - "Transient merchants" and "itinerant vendors" defined

45:24-1: "Transient merchants" and "itinerant vendors" defined

45:24-2: Declaration as to goods to be sold; contents

45:24-3: License fee; payment before sale; term of license

45:24-4: Application for license; contents; separate license for each location

45:24-5: Bond; amount, term and conditions

45:24-6: Appointment of licensing officer as agent for service of process

45:24-7: Charitable, religious and historical societies unaffected

45:24-8: Penalties

45:24-9: Special licenses to honorably discharged soldiers, sailors and marines, nurses or army field clerks and exempt firemen; ordinances to regulate hawking

45:24-9.1: Restriction on issue of licenses to soldiers, etc.

45:24-10: Issuance of license by county clerk; prerequisites

45:24-11: Applicant's signature and photograph to appear on license

45:24-12: Term of license to exempt firemen

45:24-13: License of person honorably discharged from military service; cancellation; grounds; sale or transfer; penalty