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Chapter: 15 - License required.

45:15-1: License required.

45:15-1.1: Role of housing referral aide

45:15-1.2: License required for acceptance of compensation for providing assistance in locating rental housing

45:15-2: "Engaging in business" defined

45:15-3: Terms defined, license required for bringing action for compensation.

45:15-3.1: Payment of referral fee, commission to person licensed in another jurisdiction

45:15-3.2: Written agreement.

45:15-4: Application of provisions of article limited

45:15-5: New Jersey Real Estate Commission continued

45:15-6: Commission salaries

45:15-7: Provision, duties of personnel

45:15-8: Seal; certified copies of records as evidence; public inspection of records

45:15-9: Real estate licenses.

45:15-10: Examination required for initial licensure; term, renewal.

45:15-10.1: Educational requirements.

45:15-10.2: Waiver of educational requirements for licensure

45:15-10.3: Bureau of Real Estate Education

45:15-10.4: Licensure of real estate school

45:15-10.5: Licensure as real estate instructor

45:15-10.6: Application for, issuance of license as real estate school, fees.

45:15-10.7: Application for, issuance of license as real estate instructor; fees.

45:15-10.8: Director of real estate school

45:15-10.9: Director of public adult education program

45:15-10.10: Real estate school, instructor license

45:15-10.11: Grounds for suspension, revocation of real estate school instructor license.

45:15-10.12: Restrictions on persons with revoked license

45:15-10.13: Revocation of license of school; exceptions

45:15-10.14: Power, authority of commission

45:15-11: Disabled war veterans; granting of licenses.

45:15-11.3: Issuance of temporary broker's license

45:15-12: Broker to maintain office.

45:15-12.1: Bars to issuance of license

45:15-12.2: Repeal

45:15-12.3: Revoked license, disability to act

45:15-12.4: Revocation of partnership, corporate license

45:15-12.5: Maintenance of special account required

45:15-12.6: Approval of depository institution

45:15-12.7: Agent, custodian may not use interest on escrow funds

45:15-12.8: Acceptance of monies.

45:15-13: Form of license; change of broker's address.

45:15-14: License kept by employing broker.

45:15-15: License fees.

45:15-16: Acceptance of commission, valuable consideration.

45:15-16a: Rebate paid by broker to purchaser.

45:15-16b: Advertisement for rebate.

45:15-16c: Regulations.

45:15-16.2: Educational and information programs

45:15-16.2a: Continuing education required for licensure.

45:15-16.2b: Delivery of continuing education courses.

45:15-16.2c: Completion of continuing education requirements.

45:15-16.2d: Fulfillment of continuing education requirement.

45:15-16.2e: Core topics for continuing education courses.

45:15-16.2f: Maintenance of records by course providers.

45:15-16.2g: Rules, regulations.

45:15-16.27: Short title

45:15-16.28: Definitions.

45:15-16.29: Bureau of Subdivided Land Sales Control continued

45:15-16.30: Conditions for disposition of subdivided lands

45:15-16.30a: Registration as secondary registration subdivider.

45:15-16.31: Subdivisions, subdivided lands subject to this act

45:15-16.32: Inapplicability to offers, dispositions of an interest in a subdivision.

45:15-16.33: Notice of filing; registration; rejection

45:15-16.34: Initial registration fee; inspection fee; consolidated filing fee

45:15-16.35: Examination by commission

45:15-16.36: Contents of statement of record

45:15-16.37: Information available to public

45:15-16.38: Public offering statement; not to be used for promotional purposes; amendments to; right to cancel

45:15-16.39: Consolidated filing

45:15-16.40: Report by subdivider

45:15-16.41: Powers of commission

45:15-16.42: Commission empowered to issue cease and desist orders

45:15-16.43: Conditions for revocation of registration

45:15-16.44: Commission empowered to bring action in Superior Court; intervene in suits

45:15-16.45: Submission of applicant to the courts; methods of service

45:15-16.46: Violations by brokers, salespeople; fines, penalties

45:15-16.47: Actions, counterclaims permitted against non-compliers

45:15-16.48: Existing registrations deemed in force and effect

45:15-16.49: Rules and regulations

45:15-16.50: Short title.

45:15-16.51: Definitions relative to timeshares.

45:15-16.52: Applicability of act.

45:15-16.54: Administration by Real Estate Commission.

45:15-16.55: Nonpreemption of local codes; supersedure of other regulation of timeshares.

45:15-16.56: Creation of timeshare plan.

45:15-16.57: Requirements for developers of timeshares; application, registration.

45:15-16.58: Responsibilities of timeshare developer for offering, marketing violations.

45:15-16.59: Public offering, disclosure statements; requirements.

45:15-16.60: Filing of annual reports by developer of timeshare.

45:15-16.61: Issuance of notice of filing of registration.

45:15-16.62: Review of registration; orders, schedule.

45:15-16.63: Deficiency notice, appeal.

45:15-16.64: Fee for initial registration.

45:15-16.65: Registrations required for sale.

45:15-16.66: Creation of provision for managing entity, duties.

45:15-16.67: Voidability of purchase contract.

45:15-16.68: Conditions for release of escrow funds to the developer.

45:15-16.69: Compliance by sales agents; non-monetary compensation.

45:15-16.70: Prohibitions relative to developers of timeshares.

45:15-16.71: Detailed financial records.

45:15-16.72: Maintenance of employee records.

45:15-16.73: Permitted action for partition.

45:15-16.74: Refusal to issue, renew, revoke, suspension of registration, penalties.

45:15-16.75: Powers of commission.

45:15-16.76: Determinations by commission; cease and desist order.

45:15-16.77: Violations.

45:15-16.78: Application for registration deemed submission to jurisdiction of courts.

45:15-16.79: Additional penalties.

45:15-16.80: Actions, counterclaims, remedies.

45:15-16.81: Valid registration required for action.

45:15-16.82: Rules.

45:15-16.83: Forms, procedures.

45:15-16.84: Investigation of matters relative to application for registration.

45:15-16.85: Existing timeshare plans remain in full force and effect.

45:15-17: Investigation of actions of licensees; suspension or revocation of licenses and causes therefor.

45:15-17.1: Temporary suspension of license

45:15-17.2: Freezing accounts during suspension of broker's license

45:15-17.3: Sanctions for noncomplying sales of mobile homes

45:15-17.4: Rules, regulations

45:15-18: Notification to licensee of charges made in license suspension, revocation.

45:15-19: Cause for revocation of license.

45:15-19.1: License revoked upon conviction.

45:15-19.2: License suspended when licensee is indicted.

45:15-19.3: No supercedure.

45:15-20: Nonresident licenses.

45:15-21: Filing of irrevocable consent to service

45:15-24: Commitment for nonpayment of judgment

45:15-27: Disposition of penalties

45:15-29: Payment of fines, penalties; funding of commission's expenses

45:15-29.1: Employees transferred

45:15-29.2: Rights under Title 11 and under pension laws not affected

45:15-29.3: Orders, rules, regulations continued

45:15-29.4: "New Jersey Real Estate Commission," reference

45:15-29.5: Actions, proceedings not affected

45:15-34: Real estate guaranty fund established.

45:15-35: Additional amount payable upon initial issuance of license.

45:15-36: Management and investment of funds

45:15-37: Payments from real estate guaranty fund.

45:15-38: Civil action which may result in court order for payment; limitations of action; joinder of commission

45:15-39: Secretary of commission constituted as agent.

45:15-40: Insufficiency of funds; replenishment; excess amounts.

45:15-41: Revocation of license upon issuance of court order for payment from fund.

45:15-42: Rules and regulations