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Chapter: 16A -

45:16A-1: Short title.

45:16A-2: Definitions relative to licensing of HVACR contractors.

45:16A-3: State Board of Examiners of Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Contractors.

45:16A-4: Additional powers, duties of board.

45:16A-5: Application for licensure; fees, examination.

45:16A-6: Issuance, renewal by other agency prohibited.

45:16A-7: Licensure required for use of certain titles.

45:16A-8: Construction of act relative to other occupations.

45:16A-9: Applicability of act relative to single family home owner.

45:16A-10: Applicability of act relative to public utility company.

45:16A-11: Applicability of act relative to powers of municipalities.

45:16A-12: Applicability of act relative to liquefied petroleum marketer.

45:16A-12.1: Exemptions from HVACR licensing requirement.

45:16A-13: Application fee; requirements for licensure.

45:16A-14: Uniformity of license examination, frequency, reexamination; fees.

45:16A-15: Biennial renewal of license.

45:16A-16: Continuing education requirements.

45:16A-17: Duties of board relative to continuing education.

45:16A-18: Waiver of requirements.

45:16A-19: Initial renewal.

45:16A-20: Extra credits carried over.

45:16A-21: Granting license without examination, reciprocity.

45:16A-22: Continuance of existing HVACR business.

45:16A-23: Bond required from contractor.

45:16A-24: Eligibility to obtain, retain pressure seal, license renewal; requirements.

45:16A-25: Provision of pressure seal.

45:16A-26: Issuance of license to contractors.

45:16A-27: Construction of act relative to work performed.

45:16A-28: Certain electrical work, performance prohibited.