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Chapter: 7 -

45:7-32: Mortuary Science Act; short title

45:7-33: Practice of embalming and funeral directing declared occupation subject to strict regulation

45:7-34: Definitions

45:7-35: State Board of Mortuary Science of New Jersey created

45:7-37: Oath of members of board; president and secretary; rules and regulations

45:7-38: Rules and regulations

45:7-39: Seal

45:7-40: President's duties

45:7-41: Secretary's duties; compensation; bond

45:7-43: Assistants and employees of board; executive secretary

45:7-45: Compensation; expenses

45:7-46: Fees, penalties and other moneys; disposition

45:7-47: License required

45:7-48: Only a single license to be issued to any applicant

45:7-49: Examination; qualifications of applicants; training and experience

45:7-49.1: Issuance of license to out-of-State practitioners of mortuary science; conditions.

45:7-50: Examination fees; evidence of qualifications

45:7-51: Additional examinations

45:7-53: Licenses; signing by board members; expiration

45:7-54: Prior laws, licenses issued under; renewal

45:7-55: Certificate of registration for each mortuary operated, maintained or used; fee

45:7-56: Persons entitled to practice under prior laws

45:7-59: Death of licensee

45:7-61: Operating and maintaining mortuary; conditions

45:7-63: Permission to inject fluid into body required, when; arsenical or other poisonous agents

45:7-64: Embalming compounds

45:7-65: Contagious diseases; report to local health officer

45:7-65.1: Service of food or refreshments on mortuary premises

45:7-65.2: Branch mortuaries

45:7-65.3: Solicitation forbidden

45:7-65.4: Placement of remains in coffin, casket or other container of more than one deceased person; exception

45:7-65.5: Violations; penalty

45:7-72.1: Continuing education requirements

45:7-72.2: Regulation of continuing education

45:7-73: Report of names of licensees to State Department of Health; identification cards

45:7-73.1: Agreements with other states for purpose of removing, transporting and burying bodies

45:7-74: Rules and regulations; distribution; statements on licenses

45:7-79: Partial invalidity

45:7-80: Repeal

45:7-81: Effective date

45:7-82: Definitions used in C.45:7-32 et seq., C.45:7-65.3 and C.45:7-82 et al.

45:7-83: Requirements for seller of certain funeral arrangements, agreements

45:7-84: Requirements for provider of certain funeral arrangements, agreements

45:7-85: Requirements for prepaid funeral agreements.

45:7-86: Additional provisions

45:7-87: Additional requirements

45:7-88: Naming of provider as beneficiary prohibited

45:7-89: Written statement to purchaser of new arrangements

45:7-90: Prohibitions for providers.

45:7-91: Certain acts, fourth degree crimes

45:7-92: Laws governing prepaid funeral agreements

45:7-93: Applicability of act

45:7-94: Rules, regulations

45:7-95: Funeral, disinterment, disposition of remains; written authorization.