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Chapter: 9 - State Board of Medical Examiners; advisory committee.

45:9-1: State Board of Medical Examiners; advisory committee.

45:9-2: Officers; powers; fees

45:9-2.1: Permitted duties of radiologist assistants; definitions; regulations.

45:9-4: Term "homeopathic" as applied to physicians defined

45:9-5: Monthly meetings and meetings for examinations; salaries; records; official register

45:9-5.1: Definitions

45:9-5.2: Needle electromyography, interpretation restricted to physicians, surgeons.

45:9-6: License required to practice medicine or surgery; applications; educational requirements; citizenship

45:9-6.1: Biennial registration for practitioners of medicine and surgery; reinstatement procedure.

45:9-7: Premedical educational requirements

45:9-7.1: Continuing medical education required as condition for biennial registration.

45:9-7.1a: Rules, regulations.

45:9-7.2: Findings, declarations relative to medical education in providing culturally competent health care.

45:9-7.3: Requirements for physician training in cultural competency.

45:9-7.4: Rules, regulations.

45:9-7.5: Requirements for physician training relative to organ, tissue donation and recovery.

45:9-7.6: Ongoing Statewide organ and tissue donation awareness campaign.

45:9-7.7: Continuing medical education for physicians; rules, regulations.

45:9-7.8: Credits of continuing medical education relative to opiods.

45:9-8: Additional requirements for licensure to practice medicine and surgery.

45:9-8.1: Persons who attended recognized medical college, completed internship of eighteen months and served fifteen years on hospital staff; admission to exam

45:9-12: Examination fee; re-examinations; marking of papers for identification; license fee; certification and license

45:9-13: License to persons examined and licensed in other states or by certain national boards

45:9-14: Temporary licenses for noncitizens; further two-year period to furnish evidence of citizenship

45:9-14.1: Application by osteopathic physicians; licensing to practice medicine and surgery

45:9-14.3: "Practice of osteopathy" defined; osteopathy license does not permit what

45:9-14.4: Person holding valid license to practice osteopathy authorized to continue to practice

45:9-14.5: Definitions relative to practice of chiropractic.

45:9-14.5a: Administration of physical modalities to patients by employees of chiropractors

45:9-14.6: Persons holding chiropractic licenses under act of 1920

45:9-14.10: Persons holding licenses under repealed or superseded acts

45:9-15: Examinations; filing papers; licenses

45:9-16.1: Pharmacists informed of physician's licence and medical status

45:9-17: Filing of license; moving to another county; affidavit

45:9-18: Who regarded as practitioners

45:9-18.1: Provisions not applicable to practice of healing

45:9-19: Clerks of courts to report to board convictions of physicians

45:9-19.2: Privileges not assertable

45:9-19.4: Short title

45:9-19.6: Medical director, educational director; requirements, duties.

45:9-19.7: Information required on license renewal form

45:9-19.8: Medical Practitioner Review Panel; establishment, membership, terms, compensation

45:9-19.9: Notice received by review panel; actions, recommendations.

45:9-19.10: Records maintained by review panel.

45:9-19.11: Immunity from liability

45:9-19.12: Issuance of permits, registration to practitioners in training.

45:9-19.13: Notification to health care facility of status of license, permit, registration of licensee.

45:9-19.14: Unlicensed practitioner not permitted to purchase, dispense, prescribe controlled substances

45:9-19.15: Licensing fees for physician, podiatrist.

45:9-19.16: Physicians, report out-of-State disciplinary, criminal actions; investigation, determination.

45:9-19.16a: Suspension of physician's license, certain circumstances, written notification, hearing.

45:9-19.17: Medical malpractice liability insurance, letter of credit required for physician, regulations.

45:9-21: Certain persons and practices excepted from operation of chapter.

45:9-22: Illegal practice; names of members of firm and of employees of others to be displayed; penalties, recovery of

45:9-22.1: Extra fee for completion of medical claim form; penalty

45:9-22.2: Breast surgery; written consent of patient or representative

45:9-22.3: Failure of physician to comply; sanctions

45:9-22.3a: Distribution of booklet by attending physician

45:9-22.3b: Immunity from civil liability for physician

45:9-22.4: Definitions

45:9-22.5: Referral of patient by practitioner regulated.

45:9-22.5a: Certain referrals for ambulatory surgery procedure involving anesthesia.

45:9-22.5b: Certain referrals to surgical practice, ambulatory care facility.

45:9-22.5c: Application package to operate an alternate payment model.

45:9-22.5d: Review by DOH.

45:9-22.5e: Rules, regulations.

45:9-22.6: Written disclosure form.

45:9-22.7: Exemption

45:9-22.8: Penalty

45:9-22.9: Rules, regulations

45:9-22.10: Administration of physical modalities to patients by employees of physicians

45:9-22.11: Dispensing of drugs to patient limited; exceptions.

45:9-22.11a: Pharmacy practice site to notify patients how to properly dispose of unused prescription drugs.

45:9-22.12: Display of policy by physician of Medicare excess charge policy

45:9-22.13: Letter of reprimand; civil penalty; repayment

45:9-22.14: Posting of sign required

45:9-22.15: Notice of nonprovision of Medicare services

45:9-22.16: Establishment of procedures for review, complaint

45:9-22.17: "Medicare Assignment Compliance Fund"; report

45:9-22.18: Rules, regulations

45:9-22.19: Schedule II controlled dangerous substance, prescription quantities, conditions.

45:9-22.20: Rules, regulations.

45:9-22.21: Short title.

45:9-22.22: Collection, maintenance of information regarding physicians, podiatrists, optometrists.

45:9-22.23: Information included in profile of physician, podiatrist, optometrist.

45:9-22.24: Contracts with public, private entity for profiles.

45:9-22.25: Regulations.

45:9-22.26: Licensed physician to provide information concerning the Independent Health Care Appeals Program.

45:9-27.2: Repealer

45:9-27.3: Severability

45:9-27.5: Definitions

45:9-27.6: Bills for treatment subject to claim for workmen's compensation or damages in negligence

45:9-27.7: Fees for treatment; limitation

45:9-27.8: Contingent fees; prohibition

45:9-27.9: Violations; disorderly person

45:9-27.10: Short title

45:9-27.11: Definitions

45:9-27.12: Required license

45:9-27.13: License requirements

45:9-27.13a: medical malpractice liability insurance, letter of credit required.

45:9-27.14: Employment

45:9-27.15: Practice of physician assistant

45:9-27.16: Allowable procedures

45:9-27.17: Physician's responsibility for assistant

45:9-27.18: Direct supervision required

45:9-27.18a: Response to emergencies; immunity from civil damages.

45:9-27.19: Ordering of medication; conditions.

45:9-27.19b: Regulations relative to physician assistants dispensing certain controlled dangerous substances.

45:9-27.19a: Countersignature required for order for medications by temporary licensee

45:9-27.20: Physician Assistant Advisory Committee

45:9-27.21: Election of officers; meetings

45:9-27.22: Executive Director

45:9-27.23: Powers, duties

45:9-27.24: Additional procedures and protocols

45:9-27.25: Continuing professional education

45:9-27.25a: Continuing education for physician assistant relative to opiods.

45:9-27.26: Powers, duties of board

45:9-27.27: Enforcement

45:9-27.28: Fees for licenses

45:9-37.11: Short title

45:9-37.12: Legislative findings and declarations

45:9-37.13: Definitions.

45:9-37.14: Practice not to authorize other practices.

45:9-37.15: State Board of Physical Therapy Examiners.

45:9-37.16: Compensation and reimbursement of expenses

45:9-37.17: Officers; meetings

45:9-37.18: Duties of board.

45:9-37.19: License required to practice, assist at, physical therapy.

45:9-37.20: Supervision of physical therapist assistants.

45:9-37.21: Division of fees, payments for referrals.

45:9-37.22: Requirements for licensure as physical therapist.

45:9-37.23: Licensing of graduate of foreign school.

45:9-37.24: Application, renewal, reinstatement fees.

45:9-37.25: Written examination.

45:9-37.26: Assistants; alternate standards for examination

45:9-37.27: Issuance of license.

45:9-37.28: Issuance of license to holder of out-of-State license.

45:9-37.29: Issuance of temporary license.

45:9-37.30: Use of certain titles, designations restricted.

45:9-37.31: Titles, abbreviations for licensees.

45:9-37.32: Registered physical therapists and assistants; continuance of practice and issuance of license; fee

45:9-37.33: Orders, rules and regulations of state board of medical examiners; continuance

45:9-37.34: Application of P.L.1978, c. 73 and P.L.1974, c. 46

45:9-37.34a: Administration of physical modalities by employees of physical therapists.

45:9-37.34b: Eligibility for licensure as a physical therapist assistant.

45:9-37.34c: Failure to refer patient, certain circumstances, unlawful practice.

45:9-37.34d: Information provided by applicant.

45:9-37.34e: Permitted licensees, natural person; regulations.

45:9-37.34f: Continuing professional education requirements.

45:9-37.34g: Unauthorized practice, crime of third degree.

45:9-37.34h: Physical Therapy Licensure Compact.

45:9-37.34i: Intent.

45:9-37.35: Short title

45:9-37.36: Definitions.

45:9-37.37: Practice of athletic training, licensure.

45:9-37.38: Rules and regulations

45:9-37.39: Athletic Training Advisory Committee.

45:9-37.40: Licensure required for practice of athletic training.

45:9-37.41: Physical therapy for reimbursement, licensing required

45:9-37.42: Qualifications for licensure as athletic trainer

45:9-37.43: Examination for licensing as athletic trainer.

45:9-37.44: Issuance of license

45:9-37.45: Licensure without examination, conditions.

45:9-37.46: License required to use certain titles, designations.

45:9-37.48: Application fee, expiration, renewal of license.

45:9-37.48a: Continuing education requirement for athletic trainer.

45:9-37.48b: Continuing education for athletic trainers.

45:9-37.49: Refusal to issue, suspension, revocation of license

45:9-37.50: Supersession of inconsistent laws

45:9-37.51: Short title

45:9-37.52: Findings, declarations on regulating occupational therapy services

45:9-37.53: Definitions

45:9-37.54: Occupational Therapy Advisory Council

45:9-37.55: Oath; officers; meetings

45:9-37.56: Provision of facilities, personnel; reimbursement for expenses

45:9-37.57: Powers of director

45:9-37.58: Notification of practitioners

45:9-37.59: Licensing required for occupational therapists

45:9-37.60: Construction of act

45:9-37.61: Requirements for licensure as occupational therapist

45:9-37.62: Requirements for licensure as occupational therapy assistant

45:9-37.63: Examinations

45:9-37.64: Issuance of license

45:9-37.65: Licensing without examination

45:9-37.66: Waiving of examination

45:9-37.67: Issuance of temporary license

45:9-37.68: Inactive license status

45:9-37.69: Examination of foreign trained applicants

45:9-37.70: Fees

45:9-37.71: Fees, civil penalties deposited in General Fund

45:9-37.72: Restoration of license

45:9-37.73: Applicability of uniform enforcement law

45:9-37.74: Inapplicability of act

45:9-37.75: Regulations

45:9-37.76: Short title.

45:9-37.77: Definitions relative to practice of electrology.

45:9-37.78: "Electrologist's Advisory Committee."

45:9-37.79: Election of chairperson; meeting frequency.

45:9-37.80: Membership reimbursement.

45:9-37.81: Powers, duties.

45:9-37.82: License required; conditions.

45:9-37.83: Licensing requirements for electrologist.

45:9-37.84: Licensing requirements for electrology instructor.

45:9-37.85: Application, fee, license issuance without written examination.

45:9-37.86: Continuing professional education, programs, standards.

45:9-37.87: Required examinations.

45:9-37.88: License issuance, renewal; fees.

45:9-37.89: Licensing procedures.

45:9-37.90: Office license required for premises.

45:9-37.91: Uniform enforcement law applicable.

45:9-37.92: List of approved electrology education programs.

45:9-37.93: Rules, regulations.

45:9-37.94: Short title.

45:9-37.95: Findings, declarations relative to perfusionist licensing.

45:9-37.96: Definitions relative to perfusionist licensing.

45:9-37.97: Perfusionists Advisory Committee.

45:9-37.98: Compensation, reimbursement of members.

45:9-37.99: Organization of committee.

45:9-37.100: Powers, duties of committee.

45:9-37.101: License required to practice perfusion; construction of act.

45:9-37.102: Eligibility for licensure as perfusionist.

45:9-37.103: Issuance of license; fee; renewal.

45:9-37.104: Licensure of out-of-State perfusionist.

45:9-37.105: Qualification of current practitioner as licensed perfusionist.

45:9-37.106: Issuance of temporary license.

45:9-37.107: License required for designation as perfusionist.

45:9-37.108: Duties of board, committee relative to continuing education requirements.

45:9-37.109: Applicability of C.45:1-14 et seq. for enforcement of act.

45:9-37.110: Rules, regulations.

45:9-37.111: Short title.

45:9-37.112: Findings, declarations relative to genetic counselors.

45:9-37.113: Definitions relative to genetic counselors.

45:9-37.114: Genetic Counseling Advisory Committee.

45:9-37.115: Powers, duties of Genetic Counseling Advisory Committee.

45:9-37.116: Organization of Genetic Counseling Advisory Committee.

45:9-37.117: Licensure required for genetic counselors; exceptions.

45:9-37.118: Minimum requirements for licensure as genetic counselor; application, fee; examination.

45:9-37.119: Issuance of license, renewal; surrender; continuing education.

45:9-37.120: Disclosure of information by licensed genetic counselor.

45:9-41.4: Graduates engaged in practice before December, 1952 entitled to license upon passing examination in certain subjects; time for taking examination

45:9-41.5: Graduates of approved chiropractic college entitled to license upon passing examination; qualifications

45:9-41.6: Requirements for approval of chiropractic applicant or school for licensure

45:9-41.7: Course in arts and sciences required prior to study in chiropractic school

45:9-41.8: Form and content of examination, approval

45:9-41.9: Persons whose study of chiropractic was interrupted by service in armed forces

45:9-41.10: Application for reciprocal license, fee

45:9-41.11: Annual registration; reinstatement after suspension; retirement from practice; automatic suspension upon failure to procure annual certificate

45:9-41.12: Term "board" defined

45:9-41.13: Partial invalidity

45:9-41.17: Short title

45:9-41.18: Legislative findings and declarations

45:9-41.19: Definitions.

45:9-41.20: State Board of Chiropractic Examiners created

45:9-41.21: Compensation of board members

45:9-41.22: Election of officers, meetings

45:9-41.23: Duties of the board.

45:9-41.24: Transfer of records to the board

45:9-41.25: Transfer of jurisdiction, powers, duties and responsibilities to the board

45:9-41.26: Existing laws, licenses unaffected

45:9-41.27: Scope of practice of chiropractic unaffected.

45:9-41.28: Continuing education required for licensure.

45:9-41.29: Duties of board relative to continuing education.

45:9-41.30: Procedures.

45:9-41.31: Waiver of requirements.

45:9-41.32: Noncompliance, civil penalty; regulations.

45:9-41.33: License necessary to practice as chiropractic assistant; exceptions.

45:9-41.34: Qualifications for licensure.

45:9-41.35: Issuance of license; renewal; fee.

45:9-41.36: Conditions for issuance of license.

45:9-42.1: Short title

45:9-42.2: Definitions

45:9-42.3: Meetings for examination and licensure of applicants for license; record; register

45:9-42.4: Application for plenary or specialty license; fee

45:9-42.7: Laboratory director's license; qualifications; examination; specialities

45:9-42.10: Retention of application and examination papers

45:9-42.11: License certificates

45:9-42.12: License required to conduct laboratory

45:9-42.15: Annual certificate of registration

45:9-42.18: Supervision of laboratory

45:9-42.20: Exemptions

45:9-42.22: Unprofessional and unethical conduct

45:9-42.23: Partial invalidity

45:9-42.24: Health officials; right to inspect and supervise laboratories or tests

45:9-42.25: Disposition of fees and other moneys

45:9-42.26: Short title

45:9-42.27: Definitions

45:9-42.28: License; necessity; categories

45:9-42.29: License; application; form; contents; fee; annual renewal

45:9-42.30: Annual issuance and expiration; renewal; fees; display

45:9-42.31: Owner and director; joint and separate responsibility for compliance

45:9-42.32: Transfer of license; prohibition; change in ownership or direction; notice and reapplication

45:9-42.33: Provisions not applicable

45:9-42.34: Rules and regulations; operation of clinical laboratories; standards

45:9-42.34a: Calculation of glomerular filtration rate when testing to diagnose kidney disease.

45:9-42.35: Rules and regulations; license application, issuance, renewal and expiration

45:9-42.36: Advisory committee

45:9-42.37: Evaluation program

45:9-42.38: Right of entry and inspection

45:9-42.39: Confidentiality of information, examination upon application to court

45:9-42.40: Denial, revocation, suspension, limitation, annulment or denial of renewal; grounds

45:9-42.41: Refusal to grant, suspension, limitation or revocation of license; notice; hearing; service of order; summary suspension

45:9-42.41a: Clinical laboratory bills, presentation

45:9-42.41b: Schedule of fees, charges, provided annually

45:9-42.41c: Interpretation charges permitted

45:9-42.42: Prohibited activities

45:9-42.43: Violations, penalty

45:9-42.44: Injunction of violation or threatened violation

45:9-42.45: Severability

45:9-43: Incorporation of pathological and anatomical associations

45:9-44: Contents of certificate of incorporation

45:9-45: Recording and filing of certificate; certified copies as evidence

45:9-46: General corporate powers

45:9-47: By-laws; agents and officers

45:9-48: Governors or directors to receive no compensation

45:9-49: Delivery to and use by associations of certain unclaimed bodies for advancement of medical and surgical science

45:9-50: Conveyance of bodies regulated

45:9-51: Filing of bond by association before receiving a body; penalty for certain violations

45:9-52: Expenses to be paid by association

45:9-53: Appointment and duties of board of distribution, if more than one association in a county

45:9-54: Receipt of bodies from other counties

45:9-55: Penalty for nonperformance of duties

45:9-56: Medical Society of New Jersey continued as body corporate; how constituted

45:9-57: Qualifications for membership in county, specialty or other society

45:9-58: General powers of society