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Chapter: 16 - Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners

45:16-1: Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners

45:16-1.1: Definitions

45:16-1.2: Application of act

45:16-2: Oath of office; vacancies; removals

45:16-3: Officers; seal; subpoenas; rules and regulations

45:16-4: Meetings; examinations; quorum.

45:16-5: Issuance and recording of licenses

45:16-6.1: Pharmacists informed of veterinarian's license and medical status

45:16-7: Application for examination; fee; qualifications of applicants.

45:16-7.2: Conditions for waiver of portions of examination.

45:16-8: Issuance of order for examination; re-examination

45:16-8.1: Practice defined

45:16-8.2: Facilities; clean and sanitary

45:16-8.3: Veterinary facilities to post notice regarding supervision after normal business hours; terms defined.

45:16-9: License required

45:16-9.1: Short title

45:16-9.2: Practice of veterinary medicine, surgery and dentistry declared a profession

45:16-9.3a: False or misleading advertising

45:16-9.3b: Name or title of facility

45:16-9.4: Issuance of certificate of registration; renewal; suspension.

45:16-9.4a: Required courses, topics for continuing veterinary education.

45:16-9.4b: Rules, regulations.

45:16-9.4c: Continuing veterinary education.

45:16-9.5: Name of licensee; use after death or relinquishment of interest

45:16-9.6: Partners, shareholders restricted

45:16-9.7: Qualified veterinary graduates; temporary permit; qualifications.

45:16-9.8: Prohibited acts, engaging in

45:16-9.9: Rules and regulations

45:16-9.10: Short title

45:16-9.11: Nonliability for civil damages for rendering emergency care

45:16-11: Application of chapter limited

45:16-12.1: Enforcement of act

45:16-13: Title of act

45:16-14: Definitions

45:16-15: Humane disposal of unretrieved animals; notice to owner

45:16-16: Financial liability of owner for treatment of animal

45:16-17: Liability of veterinarian or boarding kennel

45:16-18: Posting of humane disposal requirements of act in hospital or kennel