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Chapter: 17A -

45:17A-18: Short title

45:17A-19: Findings, declarations

45:17A-20: Definitions.

45:17A-21: Duties of Attorney General

45:17A-22: Review of registration statement.

45:17A-23: Filing of registration statement, fees

45:17A-24: Long form registration statement.

45:17A-25: Short form registration.

45:17A-26: Exemptions from registration requirements.

45:17A-27: Registration of fund raising counsel, independent paid fund raiser.

45:17A-28: Registration of solicitors.

45:17A-29: Written contract from commercial co-venturer.

45:17A-30: Disclosure of information prior to solicitation.

45:17A-30.1: Caller identification blocking technology, use by solicitors, prohibited.

45:17A-31: Complete, accurate records required

45:17A-32: Statements required to be truthful; coercion prohibited; unlawful acts; practices.

45:17A-33: Attorney General, designee constituted agency head; violations, penalties.

45:17A-34: Powers of Attorney General unaffected

45:17A-35: Ability of municipality to enact rules, ordinances unaffected

45:17A-36: Registrations previously issued not affected

45:17A-37: Establishment of telephone information line

45:17A-38: Required statement regarding information on file.

45:17A-39: Applicability of act

45:17A-40: Fees; recovery of costs