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Chapter: 14A - License required to practice professional planning

45:14A-1: License required to practice professional planning

45:14A-2: Definitions

45:14A-3: Exemption of licensed professional engineers, land surveyors and registered architects

45:14A-4: Examining board; rules and regulations; membership; appointments; terms; vacancies; secretary-director; offices

45:14A-5: Designation of board; qualifications of appointees; removal of members; compensation

45:14A-6: Oath of office; services of Attorney General; attendance of witnesses; production of evidence

45:14A-7: Meetings; organization; quorum; powers and duties; public register

45:14A-8: Applications for licenses and training certificates; forms; fees

45:14A-9: Minimum evidence to qualify for license

45:14A-9.1: Previously licensed professional planners not affected

45:14A-10: Qualifications for training certificate

45:14A-11: Annual examinations; re-examination; issuing license

45:14A-12: Seals; duplicate certificates; recordation of certificates

45:14A-13: Issuance of training certificates; duration

45:14A-14: License fees; expiration and renewal of certificates; unlicensed practice

45:14A-17: Employment of only licensed professional planners by State or political subdivisions

45:14A-18: Employment under civil service laws; employment by persons, firms or corporations of only licensed professional planners

45:14A-21: Proceedings not to be instituted for violations occurring prior to July 1, 1963

45:14A-22: Effective date; first license period