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Chapter: 3 - New Jersey State Board of Architects; membership, terms.

45:3-1: New Jersey State Board of Architects; membership, terms.

45:3-1.1: Definitions.

45:3-2: Organization of board; oath; officers; special meetings.

45:3-3: Rules and regulations; seal; records; compensation and expenses of board members

45:3-4: Filing names and addresses of officers

45:3-5: Architects' licenses

45:3-5.1: Licensed professional engineers may be licensed as architects; examination

45:3-6: Certificate; issuance after examination; persons having certificates from other states; recording seal; use of seal without authority

45:3-7: Annual registration fee; forfeiture of certificate for nonpayment

45:3-9: Removal, destruction of certain papers.

45:3-10: Practice of architecture; what constitutes; exceptions

45:3-16: Account and report of receipts and expenditures

45:3-17: Offering of architectural services; requirements.

45:3-18: Certificate of authorization to offer architectural services

45:3-19: Application for certificate of authorization, renewal

45:3-20: Records maintained by licensee

45:3-21: Rules, regulations

45:3-22: Responsibility of corporation

45:3-23: Powers, duties of board

45:3-24: Declaration

45:3-25: Biennial license renewal; continuing education

45:3-26: Duties of State Board of Architects relative to continuing education

45:3-27: Completion of continuing education; proof submission

45:3-28: Waiver of continuing education requirements

45:3-29: Fees

45:3-30: Continuing education requirement; conditions

45:3-31: Short title.

45:3-32: Certification required for "certified interior designer."

45:3-33: Definitions relative to certification of interior designers.

45:3-34: Construction of act relative to certain professions.

45:3-35: Interior Design Examination and Evaluation Committee.

45:3-36: Organization, meetings, schedule of committee.

45:3-37: Duties, authority of committee.

45:3-38: Application procedure for certification.

45:3-39: Review of application.

45:3-40: Exemption from examination.

45:3-41: Fees.

45:3-42: Certification without examination.

45:3-43: Issuance of certificate.

45:3-44: Expiration, renewal of certificate.

45:3-45: Construction of act relative to interior design services.

45:3-46: Construction of act relative to uncertified interior designers.