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Chapter: 3B - Legislative findings and declarations

45:3B-1: Legislative findings and declarations

45:3B-2: Definitions

45:3B-3: Audiology and speech-language pathology advisory committee; creation

45:3B-4: Members; appointment; qualifications

45:3B-5: Terms of office; vacancies

45:3B-6: Oath; officers; meetings

45:3B-7: Powers and duties

45:3B-8: License; eligibility and qualifications

45:3B-9: Issuance; duration; renewal

45:3B-10: Licensure

45:3B-11: Issuance without examination to persons actively engaged in practice prior to Jan. 1, 1970

45:3B-12: Provisional licenses

45:3B-13: Reciprocity

45:3B-14: Temporary license

45:3B-15: Prohibition of representation as practitioner by unlicensed person

45:3B-16: Practice without licensure if licensed practitioners employed

45:3B-17: Inapplicability of act to certain activities and services

45:3B-18: Continuing education requirements

45:3B-19: Names and office addresses; notice to director; lists

45:3B-20: Fees; limitations; disposition of revenues

45:3B-22: Restoration after revocation

45:3B-23: Violations; penalties; enforcement

45:3B-24: Regulations