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Chapter: 11 -

45:11-23: Definitions.

45:11-24: The board; appointment; terms; qualifications; duties; compensation.

45:11-24.1: Application fee

45:11-24.2: Oral competency test for certification as homemaker-home health aide

45:11-24.3: Background checks for homemaker-home health aide certification applicant.

45:11-24.4: Qualification, disqualification for certification; petition for hearing.

45:11-24.5: Assumption of cost of background checks.

45:11-24.6: Conditions for issuance of biennial recertification

45:11-24.7: Required language on certificate

45:11-24.8: Rules, regulations

45:11-24.9: False sworn statement; fine

45:11-24a: Standards, curricula for homemaker-home health aide education and training programs relative to Alzheimer's disease and related disorders.

45:11-24.10: Alternative to Discipline Program for nurses; definitions.

45:11-24.11: Review of program after five years.

45:11-24.12: Revision of fees; construction of act.

45:11-24.13: Rules, regulations.

45:11-24.14: Academic credit to nursing students for prior military training.

45:11-25: Secretary-treasurer and executive secretary; bond; accounts; reports

45:11-26: Professional nurses

45:11-26.1: Requirements for professional nurse training relative to organ, tissue donation and recovery.

45:11-26.2: Temporary nursing licenses for qualified nonresident military spouses; qualifications.

45:11-26.3: Continuing education for nurses relative to opiods.

45:11-27: Practical nursing

45:11-27.1: Portion of fee dedicated to funding.

45:11-33: School of professional nursing

45:11-34: Renewal of certificates of accreditation

45:11-37: Violations of the act

45:11-44: Repeals

45:11-45: Short title

45:11-46: Certification required

45:11-47: Certification requirements

45:11-47.1: Educational requirements for APNs; rules, regulations.

45:11-48: Interim certification

45:11-49: Permitted duties of advanced practice nurse.

45:11-49.1: Provision, administration of certain noncontrolled drugs to home health patients

45:11-49.2: Standards for joint protocols applicable to ordering, prescription of controlled dangerous substances

45:11-50: New Jersey Board of Nursing; additional powers and duties

45:11-51: Adoption of standards

45:11-52: Review of charts, records of patients treated by advanced practice nurse

45:11-53: Short title.

45:11-54: Findings, declarations relative to practice of massage and bodywork therapies.

45:11-55: Definitions relative to practice of massage and bodywork therapies.

45:11-59: Duties, responsibilities of board.

45:11-60: Eligibility for licensure.

45:11-61: Current practitioners, eligibility for certification.

45:11-62: Application; fee; renewal.

45:11-63: Issuance of license.

45:11-64: Licensure without examination based on out-of-State license or certification.

45:11-67: Rules, regulations.

45:11-68: Construction of act.

45:11-69: New Jersey Board of Massage and Bodywork Therapy.

45:11-70: Compensation for board members.

45:11-71: Election of officers, meetings.

45:11-72: Continuing education requirements.

45:11-73: Licensure required for use of certain titles.

45:11-74: Certain certified practitioners considered licensed.

45:11-75: Certain practitioners eligible for licensure without satisfying education examination requirements.

45:11-76: Registration required for advertising as massage, bodywork therapist; application fee.

45:11-77: Suspension, revocation of registration.

45:11-78: Supersedure of municipal ordinance, regulation.

45:11-79: Effective date; rules required.

45:11-80: Criminal history record background check for licensure as massage, bodywork therapist or employer.