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Chapter: 8B - Declaration relative to practice of marriage and family therapy

45:8B-1: Declaration relative to practice of marriage and family therapy

45:8B-2: Definitions

45:8B-2.1: Terms refer to "State Board of Marriage and Family Therapy Examiners," marriage and family therapist"

45:8B-3: Recognition of educational institutions

45:8B-4: Practice of medicine and surgery not authorized by act

45:8B-5: Licensure required for advertising, use of titles

45:8B-6: Unlicensed persons, certain activities permitted.

45:8B-7: Persons not entitled to assert exceptions.

45:8B-8: Construction of act

45:8B-9: State Board of Marriage and Family Therapy Examiners created.

45:8B-10: Qualifications of board members

45:8B-11: Appointment, terms of board members

45:8B-12: Removal; grounds; hearing

45:8B-13: Powers, duties of board

45:8B-14: Application for license

45:8B-15: Issuance of license without examination; educational and experience requirements

45:8B-16: Persons already licensed or certified in certain professional disciplines deemed qualified

45:8B-18: Qualifications for admission to examination.

45:8B-18.1: License; fee.

45:8B-18.2: Direct supervision for associate marriage and family therapist.

45:8B-19: Examinations

45:8B-20: Failure of examination; waiting period for admission to subsequent examinations

45:8B-21: Licensing of person licensed out-of-State

45:8B-24: Application for renewal; issuance of new license; fees for renewal of expired licenses

45:8B-24.1: Continuing education requirements for marriage and family therapists.

45:8B-24.2: Waiver of continuing education requirement.

45:8B-24.3: Continuing education credits not required for initial registration.

45:8B-26: Application for reinstatement

45:8B-29: Communication privileged; waiver

45:8B-30: Remission of fees, fines and penalties

45:8B-31: Severability

45:8B-33: Short title

45:8B-34: Short title

45:8B-35: Determinations

45:8B-36: Definitions relative to counseling

45:8B-37: Professional Counselor Examiners Committee

45:8B-38: Powers, duties of committee

45:8B-39: License required

45:8B-40: Requirements, application for licensure as professional counselor

45:8B-41: Requirements, application, for licensure as associate counselor

45:8B-41.1: Requirements, application for licensure as rehabilitation counselor

45:8B-41.2: Professional counselor, rehabilitation counselor, license issuance; alternate requirements

45:8B-42: Review by committee of applicants

45:8B-43: Addition of professional specialty designation to credentials

45:8B-44: Clinical mental health counselor

45:8B-45: Renewal of license, continuing education

45:8B-45.1: Continuing education for certain professional counselors.

45:8B-46: Granting of license to practitioner licensed, certified out-of-State

45:8B-47: Fees

45:8B-48: Construction of act

45:8B-49: Confidentiality of communications

45:8B-50: Supervision for associate counselor required

45:8B-51: Short title.

45:8B-52: Regulation, control of profession of art therapy.

45:8B-53: Definitions relative to art therapy.

45:8B-54: Art Therapists Advisory Committee.

45:8B-55: Committee members reimbursed, provided with facilities, personnel.

45:8B-56: Organization, officers, meetings.

45:8B-57: Powers, duties of committee.

45:8B-58: Licensure required.

45:8B-59: Construction of act.

45:8B-60: Eligibility for licensure as professional art therapist.

45:8B-61: Eligibility for licensure as associate art therapist.

45:8B-62: Issuance of license; fee.

45:8B-63: Issuance of license to out-of-State applicant.

45:8B-64: Qualification of existing art therapist.

45:8B-65: Continuing education.

45:8B-66: Confidentiality.

45:8B-67: Supervision of art therapy students.