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Chapter: 8 - License required; display of license; exceptions; corporations, firms, partnerships and associations

45:8-27: License required; display of license; exceptions; corporations, firms, partnerships and associations

45:8-28: Definitions

45:8-29: Examining board

45:8-30: Board of Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors

45:8-31: Oath of members; filing; duty of Attorney General; powers of board; compelling compliance with subpoena

45:8-32: Meetings; officers

45:8-33: Itemized account to be kept; report; filing; forwarding to Attorney-General

45:8-34: Records; proceedings of examining board; applicants for licenses; evidence

45:8-35: Applications for license, certificate of registration; fees; qualifications; evidence of qualifications; examination

45:8-35.1: Licensed architects may be licensed as professional engineers; examination

45:8-35.2: Continuing professional competency credits required for certification

45:8-35.3: Duties of board

45:8-35.4: Board to establish procedures

45:8-35.5: Board may waive requirements

45:8-35.6: Credits not required for initial registration

45:8-35.7: Prorating of credits

45:8-35.8: Proof of completion of credits

45:8-35.9: Failure to complete professional competency requirements; penalty

45:8-35.10: Carryover of credits

45:8-35.11: Continuing education required for licensure.

45:8-35.12: Duties of board relative to subject matter, contents.

45:8-35.13: Procedures established by board.

45:8-35.14: Discretionary waiver of requirements.

45:8-35.15: Inapplicability to initial registration.

45:8-35.16: Commencement of continuing education requirements.

45:8-35.17: Proof of completion.

45:8-35.18: Requirements for professional engineer, land surveyor.

45:8-35.19: Carryover of credits.

45:8-36: Certificates

45:8-36.1: Use of title "professional land surveyor"

45:8-36.2: Retirement procedures; resuming practice after retirement

45:8-36.3: Waiver of corner marker requirements for certain land surveying work

45:8-37: Expiration and renewal of licenses; fees; revocation on failure to renew license

45:8-39: Practice without license and other violations; penalties; actions for penalties

45:8-40: Persons exempt

45:8-41: Licensed engineers and surveyors on public contracts or works required

45:8-42: Employment of licensed engineers by governmental departments

45:8-43: Filing of name of engineer engaged by governmental departments; employment of engineers and land surveyors

45:8-44.1: Authority of land surveyors to go on, over and upon lands of others during reasonable hours

45:8-44.2: Entry not trespass; immunity from arrest or civil action

45:8-44.3: Destruction, injury or damage to land; prohibition; liability

45:8-44.4: Nonliability of owner or lessee of land

45:8-44.5: Inapplicability of act to lands traversed by operating railroad

45:8-45: Certificate and seal of licensed engineer, surveyor or architect on plans and specifications on public work

45:8-47: Effect on other professions

45:8-48: Partial invalidity; construction of chapter

45:8-49: Repealer

45:8-56: Certificate of authorization

45:8-57: Contents of application; biennial renewal fee

45:8-58: Powers of board

45:8-59: Records to establish regular, effective supervision

45:8-60: Responsibility for acts of agents, employees, officers

45:8-61: Short title

45:8-62: Definitions relative to home inspectors.

45:8-63: Home Inspection Advisory Committee

45:8-64: Compensation, reimbursement of members

45:8-65: Elections of officers of committee

45:8-66: Powers, duties of committee.

45:8-67: Licensing required for home inspectors

45:8-68: Requirements for licensure as home inspector.

45:8-70: Noapplicability of act

45:8-71: Issuance of home inspector license

45:8-72: Licensing of individuals currently engaged in practice of home inspection; criteria.

45:8-72.1: Issuance of home inspector license based on associate home inspector license or experience, certain.

45:8-73: Establishment, prescription, change of fees for licenses

45:8-74: Refusal to grant, suspension, revocation of license.

45:8-75: Limitations upon licensees

45:8-76: Requirement of error and omissions policy.

45:8-76.1: Action, commencement within four years.

45:8-77: Rules, regulations

45:8-78: Continuing education requirement.

45:8-79: Standards for continuing education.

45:8-80: Waiving of requirements for continuing education.

45:8-81: Time for completion of continuing education.