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Chapter: 14F -


Chapter: 14F - Applicability of act.

45:14F-1: Short title

45:14F-2: Definitions

45:14F-3: State Real Estate Appraiser Board created

45:14F-4: Election of officers, compensation

45:14F-5: Certifications required as State certified real estate appraiser

45:14F-6: License required for State licensed real estate appraiser

45:14F-7: Act not applicable to certain licensees or activities.

45:14F-8: Powers, duties of the board

45:14F-9: Appointment of Executive Director

45:14F-10: Eligibility for licensure

45:14F-10.1: Ineligibility, revocation of licensure, certification due to criminal record; rehabilitation.

45:14F-10.2: Information submitted by applicant, holder of license; record check; costs.

45:14F-11: Eligibility for certification

45:14F-12: Application, fee, issuance of temporary license

45:14F-13: Temporary certification

45:14F-14: Waiving of requirement for certification, licensure

45:14F-15: Issuance of license, certificate to out-of-State license, certificate holder

45:14F-16: Payment of application fee

45:14F-17: License, certificate, effective period, renewal

45:14F-18: Renewals of licenses, certificates

45:14F-19: Examinations for licensure, certification

45:14F-20: Renewal of license, certificate after expiration

45:14F-21: Certification requirements for persons performing appraisal; exception.

45:14F-22: Licensed, certified appraiser to provide business address to board

45:14F-23: License, certificate returned to State; consent to service

45:14F-24: Criteria for approval of courses, schools, instructors, fees

45:14F-25: Collection of federal fees

45:14F-26: Board subject to law on expenses and accounts

45:14F-27: Short title.

45:14F-28: Findings, declarations relative to appraisal management companies.

45:14F-29: Definitions relative to appraisal management companies.

45:14F-30: Authority of board.

45:14F-31: Determination as to whether an AMC oversees an appraiser panel.

45:14F-32: Registration required for engaging in business as an AMC.

45:14F-33: Applicability of act.

45:14F-34: Irrevocable uniform consent to service of process.

45:14F-35: Application fee.

45:14F-36: Prohibitions relative to an AMC.

45:14F-37: Designated contact for communication.

45:14F-38: Violations.

45:14F-39: Licensure.

45:14F-40: Collection of information and fees; reporting requirements.

45:14F-41: Annual certification to the board.

45:14F-42: Adoption of appraiser independence standards.

45:14F-43: Certification relative to records of service request.

45:14F-44: Responsibilities of certified or licensed appraiser.

45:14F-45: Issuance of unique registration number, published lists.

45:14F-46: Removal of appraiser from panel.

45:14F-47: Notification to board relative to material violation.

45:14F-48: Payment to appraiser.

45:14F-49: Suspension, revocation of registration.

45:14F-50: Rules, regulations.