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Chapter: 6 - State board of dentistry; membership; appointments; terms

45:6-1: State board of dentistry; membership; appointments; terms

45:6-1a: Additional board member.

45:6-1.1: Compensation for participation in examinations

45:6-2: Officers; meetings; quorum; rating of dental schools, etc.; reports; seal

45:6-3: Rules; examinations; qualifications of applicants for examination

45:6-4: Application and fee

45:6-5: Receipts and expenditures; secretary-treasurer's bond

45:6-6: Issuance of licenses; reciprocal licenses; fees

45:6-7.1: Pharmacists informed of dentist's license and medical status

45:6-10: Annual certificate of registration; nonactive certificate; branch offices; retired dentists

45:6-10.1: Continuing dental education required.

45:6-10.2: Standards for continuing education.

45:6-10.2a: Continuing education for dentists relative to opiods.

45:6-10.3: Compliance and evaluation.

45:6-10.4: Hardship waivers, waivers for certain volunteers.

45:6-10.5: Initial registration

45:6-10.6: Phase-in of requirements

45:6-10.7: Proof of credits

45:6-10.8: Enforcement of requirements

45:6-10.9: Differential fees of dental associations

45:6-10.10: Definitions relative to continuing education for dentists.

45:6-11: Licensees to furnish names of practitioners or assistants in office; display of certificate; inspection of offices, etc.

45:6-12: Practice of dentistry by corporations prohibited; practice under firm name regulated

45:6-13: Penalty for practicing without license

45:6-14: Construction of chapter as to unlicensed persons and as to physicians

45:6-15.1: "Dental clinic" defined

45:6-15.2: Permit to operate dental clinic

45:6-15.3: Rules and regulations; standards

45:6-15.4: Council on dental clinics; membership; vacancies; compensation

45:6-15.5: Powers and duties of council on dental clinics

45:6-15.6: Issuance of permits; prerequisites

45:6-15.7: Licensed persons to perform dental operations

45:6-15.8: Inspection of dental clinics

45:6-15.12: Separate violations

45:6-15.15: Repeal

45:6-16: "College" , "school" and "university" defined; authority to teach science of dentistry

45:6-16.1: Limited teaching certificates; issuance; authorized activities.

45:6-16.2: Application forms, determining competency of applicant.

45:6-16.3: Limited teaching certificate fees; renewal.

45:6-16.4: Teaching without license or limited teaching certificate, prohibited; penalty.

45:6-16.5: Roster of teachers; submission by educational institutions

45:6-16.6: Guest lecturers or clinicians

45:6-17: "Institute" defined

45:6-18: Illegal use of terms; penalty

45:6-18.1: Extra fee for completion of dental claim form; penalty

45:6-18.2: Radiographs; use

45:6-18.3: Violations

45:6-19: "Practicing dentistry" defined

45:6-19.1: Definitions

45:6-19.2: Upper and lower dentures and removable dental prostheses; markings

45:6-19.3: Removable dental prosthesis; marking at time of rebasing

45:6-19.4: Rules and regulations

45:6-19.5: Hospital privileges for dentists

45:6-19.6: Additional authorized procedures

45:6-20: Practice of dentistry as interne in public or private hospitals and institutions

45:6-21: Dental internes not to receive fees or compensation; exception; nature of services; inspection of institution

45:6-23: Unlawful sale, alteration, use of dental degree, certificate, transcript; misdemeanor

45:6-24: False statements; high misdemeanor

45:6-26: Commitment for failure to pay judgment

45:6-48: Short title

45:6-49: Definitions.

45:6-50: Additional powers, duties of board

45:6-50.1: Required training for dental assistant internship programs

45:6-50.2: Required training for limited dental assistant internship program

45:6-51: Meetings

45:6-52: Dental hygiene; examination of candidates for licenses to practice

45:6-53: Registration and issuance of licenses

45:6-54: Waiver of examination

45:6-55: Rules, procedure for registration

45:6-56: Requirement of continuing education.

45:6-57: Biennial certificate of registration

45:6-57.1: Inactive status list

45:6-58: Penalties

45:6-60: Disorderly persons offense; fines

45:6-61: Penalty for violations by dentist

45:6-62: Practice of dental hygiene.

45:6-64: Establishment of independent office, practice, of dental hygienist; prohibition.

45:6-65: Continuance of proceedings dependent on law prior to effective date of law

45:6-66: Rules and regulations; continuation

45:6-67: Rules and regulations on practice of dental hygienists and registered dental assistants; expiration of s. 45:6-63

45:6-68: Severability

45:6-69: Compliance with law on radiologic technology

45:6-69.1: Direct supervision required for certain procedures.

45:6-69.2: Restrictions relative to dental hygienists.

45:6-70: Issuance of limited registration certificate.

45:6-71: Fee for certificate.

45:6-72: Standards for dentists and holders of limited registration certificates.

45:6-73: License to practice dentistry required under certain circumstances.