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Chapter: 14E -

45:14E-1: Short title

45:14E-2: Findings, declarations

45:14E-3: Definitions.

45:14E-4: State Board of Respiratory Care created

45:14E-5: Compensation for board members

45:14E-6: Election of officers, meetings.

45:14E-7: Duties of the board

45:14E-8: Appointment of Executive Director

45:14E-9: Licensing for respiratory care practitioners required.

45:14E-10: Licensing of qualified applicants

45:14E-11: Issuance of license, renewal

45:14E-12: Written examination required for licensure.

45:14E-13: Licensing of out-of-State license holders

45:14E-14: Issuance of temporary license.

45:14E-15: Issuance of license to applicants who have passed certain examinations, or currently function as respiratory care practitioners

45:14E-16: Continuing education requirements, duties of board.

45:14E-17: Discretionary waiver of requirements.

45:14E-18: Continuing education credits not required in certain cases; transition requirements.