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Chapter: 2C - Purpose of act

45:2C-1: Purpose of act

45:2C-2: Definitions.

45:2C-3: Acupuncture Examining Board.

45:2C-4: Record of proceedings, register of applications for licensure.

45:2C-5: Standards governing practice of acupuncture.

45:2C-6: Practices allowed by holder of license.

45:2C-7: License required to practice acupuncture; exceptions.

45:2C-8: Practice of acupuncture by physician, surgeon, dentist.

45:2C-9: Requirements for licensure as acupuncturist.

45:2C-9.1: Certified acupuncturist deemed licensed.

45:2C-10: Examinations; reexamination after failure to pass

45:2C-11: Licensing.

45:2C-13: Standards for approval of courses of study, schools.

45:2C-15: Continuing education; standards

45:2C-16: Posting license, notification of change of address.

45:2C-17: Refusal to grant, suspension, revocation of license; grounds.

45:2C-18: Annual report

45:2C-19: Herbology in practice of acupuncture, certification.