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Chapter: 14B -

45:14B-1: Short title

45:14B-2: Definitions

45:14B-3: Recognition of educational institutions

45:14B-4: Unauthorized practice of medicine and surgery

45:14B-5: Use of title or description by unlicensed person

45:14B-6: Activities of unlicensed practicing psychologist

45:14B-7: Exceptions not available to certain persons

45:14B-8: Members of other professional groups doing work of psychological nature

45:14B-9: State board of psychological examiners; number of members

45:14B-10: Members of board; qualifications

45:14B-11: Terms

45:14B-12: Removal; hearing; written notice

45:14B-13: Meetings; chairman, vice-chairman and secretary; seal; quorum; rules and regulations; issuance of permit or license; expenses; subpoenas

45:14B-14: Application for license; contents

45:14B-17: Persons applying after January 1, 1968; qualifications for admission to assembled examination

45:14B-18: Conduct of examinations

45:14B-19: Failure to pass examination; reexamination

45:14B-20: License without examination

45:14B-23: Renewal; application forms

45:14B-25: Reinstatement

45:14B-28: Confidential relations and communications.

45:14B-29: Disposition of fees, fines, penalties and other moneys

45:14B-30: Partial invalidity

45:14B-31: Definitions

45:14B-32: Disclosure to third-party payor

45:14B-33: Independent review

45:14B-34: Review procedure

45:14B-35: Not waiver of privilege

45:14B-36: Valid authorization

45:14B-37: Authorization restrictions

45:14B-38: Copy to authorizer

45:14B-39: Further disclosure limited

45:14B-40: For specified purposes only

45:14B-41: Written revocation

45:14B-42: Violations; penalties

45:14B-43: Waiver void

45:14B-44: Professional review committee

45:14B-45: Rules, regulations; report

45:14B-46: Regulatory authority unaffected

45:14B-47: Continuing education for certain practicing psychologists.