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Chapter: 27 -

45:27-1: Short title.

45:27-2: Definitions relative to cemeteries.

45:27-3: New Jersey Cemetery Board continued.

45:27-4: Responsibilities of board.

45:27-5: Notice of actions, proceedings involving cemetery companies.

45:27-6: Ownership, operation of cemetery, forms authorized.

45:27-7: Cemetery company, nonprofit corporation, certificate of authority.

45:27-7.1: Certificate of authority to provide management services for a cemetery, issuance to certain for-profit entities.

45:27-8: Purposes of cemetery company.

45:27-9: Amendment of charter, certificate of incorporation.

45:27-10: Voting rights of members.

45:27-11: Reinstatement in perpetuity of certain cemetery associations.

45:27-12: Maintenance and Preservation Fund.

45:27-13: Capital required for issuance of certificate of authority; fees and charges.

45:27-14: Deposit for maintenance of private mausoleum; other funding requirements.

45:27-15: Annual report.

45:27-15.1: Additional reporting requirements for certain cemetery companies.

45:27-16: Duties, powers of cemetery company; restrictions.

45:27-17: Copy of survey map, filing with board.

45:27-18: Filing requirements with board; public information.

45:27-19: Record of interment, placement of cremains.

45:27-20: Exemption from certain taxes.

45:27-21: Dedication of property to cemetery purposes.

45:27-22: Control of funeral, disposition of remains.

45:27-23: Removal of remains from interment space.

45:27-24: Removal of memorial, embellishment, impediment.

45:27-25: Consent of municipality for establishment, enlargement of cemetery.

45:27-26: Issuance of certificates.

45:27-27: Permit for public mausoleum.

45:27-28: Transfer of interment space, niche.

45:27-29: Multiple owners of interment space.

45:27-30: Regulations on interment.

45:27-31: Maintenance of interment spaces.

45:27-32: Resale of interment space.

45:27-33: Reclamation of grave, crypt.

45:27-34: Lease, transfer of land, interest in land.

45:27-35: License required for cemetery salesperson.

45:27-36: Issuance, renewal of license.

45:27-37: Application for cemetery salesperson license.

45:27-38: Action instituted by board.

45:27-39: Prior approval required for construction of crematory.

45:27-40: Permitted locations of crematory.

45:27-41: Registry of cemetery companies accepting payment for recipients of Work First New Jersey, SSI.