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Chapter: 14C -

45:14C-1: Short title

45:14C-2: Definitions

45:14C-3: State board of examiners of master plumbers; membership; terms; removal

45:14C-4: Compensation

45:14C-6: Organization of board; officers; executive secretary; clerical assistants; expenses and expenditures

45:14C-7: Rules and regulations

45:14C-8: Witnesses; oaths and affirmations

45:14C-9: Records of proceedings

45:14C-10: Register of applications for State licenses, certificates of certification.

45:14C-10.1: State board register.

45:14C-10.2: Application for registration; fees.

45:14C-11: Application; fees

45:14C-12.1: Examination waiver

45:14C-12.2: Ban on new municipal licenses

45:14C-12.3: Exclusive licensing procedure

45:14C-12.4: Exemption

45:14C-14: Municipal inspection power

45:14C-15: Qualifications

45:14C-16: Examinations; fees

45:14C-17: Issuance of license without examination

45:14C-18: Expiration of license; renewal; exceptions.

45:14C-18.1: Continuing education required for master plumber

45:14C-18.2: Standards for continuing plumbing education

45:14C-18.3: Waiving of requirements

45:14C-18.4: Completion not required for initial renewal of license

45:14C-18.5: Carrying over of credits permitted

45:14C-19: Reciprocity with other States

45:14C-20: Firm, corporation or other legal entity operating without representative

45:14C-21: Nontransferability and nonassignability of licenses

45:14C-26: Bonds

45:14C-27: Severability

45:14C-28: Certification required for installation, maintenance of medical gas piping in certain facilities.

45:14C-29: Eligibility for certification.

45:14C-30: Requirements for certification.

45:14C-31: Issuance of certificates.

45:14C-32: Certification for persons currently engaged in practice.

45:14C-33: Inapplicability of act.