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Chapter: 14 -


Chapter: 14 - Registration required for engaging in business as an AMC.

45:14-40: Short title, purpose of act.

45:14-41: Definitions relative to pharmacists.

45:14-42: Powers, duties, authority of board.

45:14-43: Board membership, terms, vacancies.

45:14-44: Election of officers; executive director.

45:14-45: Compensation.

45:14-46: Board meetings.

45:14-47: Rules, regulations; joint rules.

45:14-48: Responsibilities of board.

45:14-49: Licensure required for pharmacist.

45:14-50: Application for license; requirements.

45:14-51: Examination for licensure.

45:14-52: Practical experience, requirements.

45:14-53: Licensure for pharmacist currently licensed in another jurisdiction.

45:14-54: Continuing pharmacy education.

45:14-54.1: Continuing education for pharmacists relative to opiods.

45:14-55: Use of New Jersey Prescription Blanks.

45:14-56: Health care facility prescriptions.

45:14-57: Requirements for prescription to be filled.

45:14-57.1: Re-dispensing of prescription medications under certain circumstances.

45:14-58: Transmission of prescription by telephone, electronic means, CDS requirements.

45:14-59: Format for New Jersey Prescription Blanks.

45:14-60: Different dosage form, conditions.

45:14-61: Requirements for collaborative practice.

45:14-62: Collaborative drug therapy management.

45:14-63: Administration of prescription medication directly to patient, immunizations.

45:14-64: Inapplicability relative to collaborative drug therapy management in hospitals.

45:14-65: Refusal of application for examination, suspension, revocation of certificate; procedure.

45:14-66: Drug utilization review, requirements.

45:14-67: Provision of counseling on new prescriptions.

45:14-67.1: Duty of pharmacy to fill certain prescriptions.

45:14-67.2: Dispensing of opioid antidotes by pharmacist; definitions.

45:14-68: Patient profile system.

45:14-69: Issuance of permit for pharmacy practice sites.

45:14-70: Permit application procedures.

45:14-71: Licensure required for use of certain terms.

45:14-72: Sale of non-prescription drugs, devices unaffected.

45:14-73: Registration of out-of-State pharmacies; requirements.

45:14-74: Report of certain occurrences.

45:14-75: Permit required for operation of pharmacy practice site.

45:14-76: Compliance with federal law, standards.

45:14-77: Immunity from civil damages for reports of alleged misconduct.

45:14-78: Currently licensed pharmacists, practice sites.

45:14-79: Prior regulations unaffected.

45:14-80: Pharmacy technicians, conditions.

45:14-81: "New Jersey Prescription Drug Retail Price Registry."

45:14-82: Annual list of 150 most frequently prescribed prescription drugs distributed to pharmacies; drug retail price list maintained by pharmacy.

45:14-32: Registration required for engaging in business as an AMC.