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Chapter: 9A - Legislative findings

45:9A-1: Legislative findings

45:9A-2: Definitions

45:9A-3: Hearing aid dispensers examining committee; members

45:9A-4: Term of office

45:9A-5: Compensation

45:9A-6: Oath; filing; president; secretary treasurer

45:9A-7: Duties; rules and regulations; record of proceedings

45:9A-8: Course of instruction; recommendation; qualification for licensees; examination requirements; renewal of license

45:9A-9: Application for license

45:9A-10: Verification of qualifications; time of examinations

45:9A-11: Contents of examination

45:9A-12: Certificate of registration; issuance; conditions; duration of license

45:9A-13: Reciprocity with other states; certificates of endorsement

45:9A-14: Holder of certificate of endorsement; place of practice; notice to committee; record

45:9A-15: Renewal fee; suspension of license or certificate for failure to renew

45:9A-16: Temporary licenses

45:9A-17: Revocation, suspension, refusal to renew of license, certificate of endorsement

45:9A-18: Fees; disposition; expenditures of committee

45:9A-22: Exemptions

45:9A-23: Purchasers; statements by licensee; receipt; contents

45:9A-24: Written recommendation to consult licensed physician; conditions; signature for receipt; list of physicians

45:9A-25: Sale of hearing aid to person under 18

45:9A-26: Records to be maintained by licensee

45:9A-27: Unlawful practice or advertisement of fitting and selling of hearing aids