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Chapter: 14D -

45:14D-1: Short title

45:14D-2: Definitions.

45:14D-3: Exclusions

45:14D-6: Powers and duties of director.

45:14D-7: Revocation, suspension, nonrenewal, nonissuance of licenses; grounds, hearing.

45:14D-8: Restoration after one year.

45:14D-9: License required, application, issuance.

45:14D-10: Issuance of receipt, bill of lading, electronic warehouse receipt permitted, certain.

45:14D-11: Observance of rules and regulations.

45:14D-11.1: Public mover, written notice provided to consumer of owner operators.

45:14D-12: Limitations of action

45:14D-13: Undue or unreasonable preference, advantage, prejudice or disadvantage by mover or warehouseman

45:14D-14: Tariffs.

45:14D-15: Fees; one-year licenses; fees only to defray expenses.

45:14D-16: Violations of act; penalties.

45:14D-17: Investigations of suspected violations.

45:14D-18: Court order.

45:14D-19: Refusal to testify on grounds of incrimination; compliance with direction to testify; immunity from penalty or forfeiture

45:14D-20: Additional penalties.

45:14D-21: Injunctive relief.

45:14D-22: Docketing of judgment.

45:14D-23: Violation of cease and desist order.

45:14D-24: Person with ascertainable loss due to unlawful act; action or counterclaim; triple damages; attorney's fees, filing fees and costs

45:14D-25: Insurance requirements.

45:14D-25.1: Contracting public mover, additional coverage of certain owner-operators.

45:14D-25.2: Public mover, proof of insurance, workers compensation coverage required of owner-operator.

45:14D-25.3: Rules, regulations.

45:14D-26: Notification to BPU of unlicensed mover.

45:14D-27: Order to disconnect unlicensed mover's telephone.

45:14D-28: Disconnection of unlicensed mover's telephone.

45:14D-29: Furnishing of binding estimate in writing; violations, penalties.