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Chapter: 22A -

45:22A-1: Short title

45:22A-2: Definitions

45:22A-3: Administration of act

45:22A-4: Application of act; exemptions

45:22A-5: Necessity of registration; public offering statement

45:22A-6: Registration; filing; contents; fee

45:22A-7: Public offering statement; form and contents

45:22A-8: Determinations by agency upon receipt of statement of record

45:22A-9: Notice of filing; approval or rejection of registration

45:22A-10: Annual report

45:22A-11: Rules and regulations; injunctions of actual or potential violations; intervention in actions; powers

45:22A-12: Investigation of violations

45:22A-13: Cease and desist orders; affirmative action

45:22A-14: Revocation of registration; grounds; cease and desist order in lieu of revocation

45:22A-15: Penalties for violations

45:22A-16: Liability to purchaser; remedies of purchaser; liability of persons other than developers

45:22A-17: Disposition of subdivision or community lands subject to act

45:22A-18: Extradition of person charged under this act

45:22A-19: Service of process

45:22A-20: Severability of provisions

45:22A-21: Short title

45:22A-22: Public policy

45:22A-23: Definitions.

45:22A-24: Administration of act

45:22A-25: Exemptions.

45:22A-26: Registration of development; delivery to purchaser of current public offering statement; right to cancel contract after execution; notice

45:22A-27: Application for registration of development

45:22A-28: Public offering statements, requisites

45:22A-29: Investigation of application

45:22A-30: Registration; notice of filing of application; acceptance or rejection

45:22A-31: Annual report by developer

45:22A-32: Powers of agency

45:22A-33: Cease and desist orders; grounds

45:22A-34: Revocation of registration; grounds; notice and hearing; findings of fact; in lieu cease and desist order

45:22A-35: Rules and regulations; injunctions or temporary restraining orders; intervention in suits by agency

45:22A-36: Submission to jurisdiction by application; service of process; conduct prohibited by act; authorization of agency to receive service

45:22A-37: Untruth, omission or misleading statement by developer; liability; persons liable; invalidity of agreement by purchaser to waive compliance with act

45:22A-38: Violations; fine; levy and collection

45:22A-39: Application of act to lands situated in this state

45:22A-40: Severability

45:22A-41: Retirement subdivision or community; application of this act

45:22A-42: Inapplicability of act to planned developments at certain stage of progress on effective date

45:22A-43: Organization of association

45:22A-44: Powers, functions of association

45:22A-45: Election of executive board; powers

45:22A-45.1: Findings, declarations relative to governance of common interest community associations.

45:22A-45.2: Executive board elections.

45:22A-46: Bylaws; requirements

45:22A-46.1: Findings, declarations relative to age-restricted communities.

45:22A-46.2: Resale, transfer of dwelling unit, certification of compliance with rules of age-restricted community.

45:22A-46.3: Findings, declarations relative to affordable housing.

45:22A-46.4: Definitions relative to affordable housing.

45:22A-46.5: Conditions for change to a converted development.

45:22A-46.6: Application to change to a converted development.

45:22A-46.7: Conformance of unit in converted development to C.52:27D-119 et seq.

45:22A-46.8: Revision of layout, site plan permitted.

45:22A-46.9: Completed application, decision.

45:22A-46.10: Filing of revised preliminary subdivision or site plan with municipal engineer.

45:22A-46.11: Submission of application to approving board.

45:22A-46.12: Development approvals deemed vested.

45:22A-46.13: Issuance of resolution memorializing decision; appeal.

45:22A-46.14: Preference for occupancy by municipality permitted.

45:22A-46.15: Waiver of affirmative marketing requirements under certain circumstances.

45:22A-46.16: Determination of credits granted against fair share obligation.

45:22A-47: Surrender of control to owners

45:22A-48: Preparation, distribution of explanatory materials and guidelines

45:22A-48.1: Homeowners' association prohibited from limiting, prohibiting display of U.S. flag, yellow ribbons, signs in support of troops

45:22A-48.2: Solar collectors on certain roofs, homeowners association authority limited.

45:22A-48.3: Posting on Internet of information relative to disability accommodation rights for residents of certain communities.

45:22A-49: Definitions

45:22A-50: Discharge of duties of association, corporation

45:22A-51: Compliance with lawful requirements; violations, penalties

45:22A-52: Adoption of minimum health and safety standards; inspection program

45:22A-53: Noncompliance; penalties

45:22A-54: Application for hearing

45:22A-55: Enforcement of standards

45:22A-56: Agreements with school district