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Chapter: 12B -

45:12B-1: Short title

45:12B-2: Findings, declarations

45:12B-3: Definitions relative to orthotics and prosthetics.

45:12B-4: Board of Examiners, creation, purpose.

45:12B-5: Membership of the board.

45:12B-6: Terms of members, vacancies

45:12B-7: Oath of members, meetings

45:12B-8: Reimbursement for expenses

45:12B-9: Duties of the board.

45:12B-10: Executive director of board

45:12B-11: Eligibility for license as orthotist, prosthetist; examinations.

45:12B-11.1: Requirements for licensure as assistant; examinations.

45:12B-12: License based on experience prior to May 21, 1999.

45:12B-13: Licenses, duration, practice.

45:12B-14: Temporary licenses

45:12B-15: Student registrations

45:12B-16: Reciprocal license

45:12B-17: License required to practice.

45:12B-18: Inapplicability of act.

45:12B-19: Continuing education requirement

45:12B-20: In State office, address requirement; publication.

45:12B-21: Fees of board

45:12B-22: Costs of act to be sustained by revenue from act

45:12B-23: Suspension, revocation, etc. of licenses, grounds

45:12B-24: Restoration of licenses

45:12B-25: Violations, penalties

45:12B-26: Rules, regulations