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Chapter: 22 -

45:22-1: Short title; definitions

45:22-2: License required

45:22-3: Application for license; contents, criminal history record background check.

45:22-4: License; issuance, term.

45:22-5: Pawnbroker must be insured

45:22-6: Disposition of license fees

45:22-7: Pawnbroker's bond; actions on

45:22-8: Revocation of license

45:22-9: License must be conspicuously displayed

45:22-10: Investigation by commissioner; other investigations.

45:22-11: Commissioner to have general supervision; cooperation with police

45:22-12: Pawnbroker's annual report; contents; violations, penalties.

45:22-13: Pawnbroker's records; details of

45:22-14: Pawnbroker to keep identification cards

45:22-15: Pledgor's ticket; contents

45:22-16: Redemption by holder of ticket

45:22-17: Redemption by mail or express; if sum insufficient

45:22-18: Payment by installments

45:22-19: Lost or destroyed ticket; new ticket on affidavit

45:22-20: Alteration of ticket; not to affect liability

45:22-21: Spurious tickets

45:22-22: Interest chargeable; exceptions.

45:22-23: Receipts on redemption, renewal or reduction of loan

45:22-24: Pawnbroker's liability; degree of care required; burden of proof

45:22-25: Period of redemption; sale of unredeemed pledges.

45:22-26: Sale by auction or private sale; notice of proposed sale.

45:22-27: Disposition of proceeds, surplus.

45:22-28: Surplus belongs to pawnbroker after five years

45:22-29: Pledge delivered on surrender of ticket or ticket impounded

45:22-30: If rival claimants; interpleading parties in actions against pawnbroker

45:22-31: Pawnbrowker not to accept pledge for persons under 16

45:22-32: Violations of article misdemeanors

45:22-33: Affidavit of ownership of mechanic's tools pledged or pawned

45:22-34: Daily report to police of pledges and redemptions; penalty

45:22-35: Marking "secondhand" watches

45:22-36: Special invoice required

45:22-37: Advertising "secondhand" watches

45:22-38: Definition of "secondhand" watch

45:22-39: Penalty

45:22-40: Pawnbroker's auction sales excepted