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Title: 46 - PROPERTY

Chapter: 10B -

46:10B-1: Definitions

46:10B-2: Prepayment of mortgage loan without penalty

46:10B-3: Additional payments

46:10B-4: Invalidity of mortgage provisions

46:10B-5: Violation; return of fees plus interest

46:10B-6: Failure to deliver cancellation or discharge; forfeiture of fee

46:10B-7: Failure to accept additional payments; forfeiture of interest

46:10B-8: Increase in interest rate; limitation

46:10B-9: Application of act

46:10B-10: Interest rate; points

46:10B-11: Points; liability for receiving

46:10B-11.1: Discount points deemed interest on loan

46:10B-12: Graduated payment mortgage defined

46:10B-13: Authorization to make

46:10B-14: Use for dwelling units; limits on interest

46:10B-15: Option to convert to conventional level payment mortgage

46:10B-16: Short title

46:10B-17: Definitions

46:10B-18: Reverse annuity and reverse direct payment mortgages; authorization to make; conditions

46:10B-19: Option of mortgagor to enter into subsequent mortgage with same mortgagee

46:10B-20: Exemption of income from New Jersey Gross Income Tax Act

46:10B-21: Regulations

46:10B-22: Short title.

46:10B-23: Findings, declarations relative to abusive lending practices.

46:10B-24: Definitions relative to abusive lending practices.

46:10B-25: Creditors, prohibited practices relative to home loans.

46:10B-26: High-cost home loans, limitations, prohibited practices.

46:10B-27: Affirmative claims, defenses by borrower.

46:10B-28: Enforcement by department.

46:10B-29: Violations, remedies, liability.

46:10B-30: Rights, remedies, prohibitions declared additional, cumulative.

46:10B-31: Law of state of location of property applicable.

46:10B-32: Program of consumer counseling, awareness.

46:10B-33: Liability of mortgage broker.

46:10B-34: Preemption of local rules, regulations.

46:10B-35: Regulations.

46:10B-36: Short title.

46:10B-37: Findings, declarations relative to certain residential mortgages.

46:10B-38: Definitions relative to certain residential mortgages.

46:10B-39: Written notices from creditor to eligible borrower.

46:10B-40: Period of extension; certification.

46:10B-41: Notice sent to eligible foreclosed borrower.

46:10B-42: Period of extension for eligible foreclosed borrower.

46:10B-43: Violations, penalties.

46:10B-44: Creditor's failure to fulfill obligation.

46:10B-45: Liberal construction.

46:10B-46: Severability.

46:10B-47: Regulations.

46:10B-48: Effective date; term.

46:10B-49: Report of mortgage foreclosure actions.

46:10B-50: Six-month forbearance period before foreclosure; definitions.

46:10B-51: Procedure for serving summons and complaint in an action to foreclose on a mortgage.

46:10B-51.1: Certain owners of foreclosed property required to file contact information.

46:10B-53: Short title.

46:10B-54: Definitions relative to certain mortgage foreclosure consultant practices.

46:10B-55: Requirements for licensure of foreclosure consultant.

46:10B-56: Foreclosure consultant contract.

46:10B-57: Additional legal rights of owner.

46:10B-58: Violations relative to foreclosure consultants.

46:10B-59: Waiver void, unenforceable.

46:10B-60: Written contract required for conveyance of distressed property.

46:10B-61: Additional right of rescission, cancellation of contract.

46:10B-62: Option of cancellation statement in contract.

46:10B-63: Prohibited actions of distressed property purchaser.

46:10B-64: Requirements for distressed property purchaser.

46:10B-65: Waiver void, unenforceable.

46:10B-66: Powers of commissioner relative to compliance.

46:10B-67: Violations, penalties; degree of crime.

46:10B-68: Enforcement, regulations.