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Title: 46 - PROPERTY


Chapter: 1 Words and phrases defined
Chapter: 2 Titles, rights and interests preserved
Chapter: 2A Power of appointment; release or contract not to exercise authorized
Chapter: 2B
Chapter: 2C Trust created for exclusive benefit of employees as part of pension, disability, death or profit-sharing plan
Chapter: 2E Disclaimer of interests previously governed by P.L.1979, c.492 (C.46:2E-1 to 46:2E-13).
Chapter: 2F Rule against perpetuities abrogated
Chapter: 3 Feudal tenures abolished
Chapter: 3A Survey, after approval and record, bars proprietors and successors from demands
Chapter: 3B
Chapter: 3C
Chapter: 4 Short form deed
Chapter: 5 Certain words in quitclaim deeds construed
Chapter: 6 Transfers, leases, assurances and conveyances pursuant to letters of agency, powers of attorney or other powers or authorities
Chapter: 7 Deed of confirmation
Chapter: 8 Attornments by tenant to strangers to title; effect
Chapter: 8A
Chapter: 8B
Chapter: 8C Mobile home park fees
Chapter: 8D
Chapter: 9 Short form mortgage
Chapter: 10 Support of party or other walls adjacent to excavations eight feet in depth
Chapter: 10A Demanding or exacting money or other valuable thing for making or obtaining mortgage loan
Chapter: 10B
Chapter: 11 Right of entry to make surveys in certain proceedings
Chapter: 14 Acknowledgment and proof
Chapter: 15
Chapter: 16 Applicability of act to certain federal liens.
Chapter: 18 Cancellation of mortgage after satisfaction
Chapter: 23 Nonapplicability of P.L. 1997, c.211 to certain maps relating to construction bids advertised prior to July 1, 2001
Chapter: 24 Board of commissioners of land records; appointment; vacancies; compensation
Chapter: 25 Neglect of duties; forfeiture; recovery; liability for damages
Chapter: 26 Fees allowed
Chapter: 26A
Chapter: 26B
Chapter: 26C Regulations.
Chapter: 27 Offices of surveyors general
Chapter: 28 Right of mortgagee to possession and recovery of possession
Chapter: 30A Unsolicited sending of goods, wares or merchandise
Chapter: 30B
Chapter: 30C
Chapter: 30D
Chapter: 31 Sale or exchange of goods from other states prohibited; persons violating disorderly persons; punishment
Chapter: 33 Requisites of contracts, agreements or chattel mortgages; acknowledgment or proof; record; marking of equipment or vehicles; recording fees; mortgages
Chapter: 34 Contracts must be bona fide
Chapter: 38
Chapter: 38A
Chapter: 39 Rental by two or more acting as co-executors, co-administrators, co-guardians, co-trustees, co-receivers; accessibility