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Title: 46 - PROPERTY

Chapter: 15 -

46:15-5: Definitions.

46:15-6: Requirements for recording of deed evidencing transfer of title.

46:15-6.1: Sale of real property by sheriff; procedure; rules and regulations.

46:15-6.2: Certification required for recording deed.

46:15-7: Realty transfer fees.

46:15-7.1: Supplemental fee for conveyance, transfer of property.

46:15-7.2: Additional fee on certain transfers of real property over $1,000,000.

46:15-7.3: Refund for certain fees paid on transactions occurring before February 1, 2005.

46:15-7.4: Refunding of fee on certain property transfers.

46:15-8: County, State sharing of fee proceeds.

46:15-9: Falsifying consideration, failure to disclose new construction on deed and affidavits; penalty.

46:15-10: Exemptions from realty transfer fee.

46:15-10.1: Partial fee exemptions.

46:15-10.2: Required provisions of annual appropriations act.

46:15-11: Rules and regulations