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Title: 46 - PROPERTY

Chapter: 24 - Board of commissioners of land records; appointment; vacancies; compensation

46:24-1: Board of commissioners of land records; appointment; vacancies; compensation

46:24-2: Powers of commissioners as to procuring maps and indexes and as to expenditures

46:24-3: Access to public records and papers

46:24-4: Map or plan of county; preparation and contents

46:24-5: Maps marked as official land maps certified and filed; copies made and sold

46:24-6: Subdivisions of numbered blocks shown of official land maps

46:24-7: Local or block indexes; preparation, form and contents

46:24-8: Form and size of local block indexes; indorsements thereon

46:24-9: Subindexes

46:24-10: Time for completion of maps and indexes

46:24-11: Numbering and indexing maps in counties having block indexes; changes therein

46:24-12: Nominal combination and analytical indexes; use; fees

46:24-13: Entries in local or block indexes; maps, books and records public records; time for completion, certification and deposit

46:24-14: Entries on record or registry of instruments indexed in local indexes

46:24-15: Order and time of entry of instruments in local or block indexes

46:24-16: Liability of county recording officer for errors or omissions

46:24-17: Indorsement of block number on instruments presented for record or registry

46:24-18: Indorsement of land block number on instruments entered in local index

46:24-19: Indexes as part of record of instruments and as notice of record, execution and contents thereof

46:24-20: Blocks, parcels of land and lots to run to center of streets, avenues and roads

46:24-21: Correction of erroneous entries

46:24-22: Purpose and construction of chapter