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Title: 46 - PROPERTY

Chapter: 9 - Short form mortgage

46:9-1: Short form mortgage

46:9-2: Covenant of seizin and warranty

46:9-3: Covenant as to taxes paid

46:9-4: Covenant to pay indebtedness

46:9-5: Covenant as to insurance

46:9-6: Covenant as to acceleration

46:9-7: Covenant as to declaration of no offset

46:9-7.1: Express agreement required for assumption of mortgage debt

46:9-8: Purchase money mortgage over judgments

46:9-8.1: Definitions

46:9-8.2: Priority preserved

46:9-8.3: No outstanding indebtedness

46:9-8.4: Prior recorded liens

46:9-8.5: Title insurance to continue in effect despite modification to mortgage loan; exception.

46:9-9: Assignment of mortgages