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Title: 46 - PROPERTY

Chapter: 3B -

46:3B-1: Short title

46:3B-2: Definitions relative to new home warranties

46:3B-3: New home warranty; prescribing by rule or regulation; procedures for processing claims; time periods

46:3B-4: Liability of builder

46:3B-5: Certificate of registration; application; fee; issuance; duration; conditions

46:3B-6: Investigation of allegations; hearings; powers; denial, suspension or revocation of certificate; hearing; grounds

46:3B-7: New home warranty security fund

46:3B-7.1: Findings, declarations relative to new home warranties

46:3B-7.2: "New Home Warranty Security Fund Board of Trustees"

46:3B-7.3: Functions, duties of board

46:3B-8: Review and approval of alternate new home warranty security programs; fees; hearings; revocation of approval

46:3B-8.1: Filing of statement by warranty guarantor

46:3B-8.2: Filing, indexing of information

46:3B-8.3: Files open to public inspection

46:3B-9: Availability of any legal remedy to owner; election of remedy

46:3B-10: Rules and regulations

46:3B-11: Supersedure of municipal ordinance or regulation

46:3B-12: Failure to register; penalty; enforcement and collection

46:3B-13: Findings, determinations, declarations

46:3B-14: Moneys and claims for advance funding for remediation of structural damages

46:3B-15: Procedure followed by commissioner when claim filed

46:3B-16: Commissioner to estimate funding required for approved claims

46:3B-17: Legal action to pursue claims

46:3B-18: Submission of claims

46:3B-19: No payment for defect in new home warranted under alternative program

46:3B-20: Claimant deemed to have elected remedy