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Title: 46 - PROPERTY

Chapter: 30B -

46:30B-1: Short title.

46:30B-2: Construction

46:30B-3: Foreign transactions.

46:30B-4: Effect of chapter on duty of holder to report, pay and deliver property under prior law.

46:30B-5: Contents of initial report

46:30B-6: Definitions.

46:30B-7: When property presumed abandoned generally.

46:30B-7.1: Communication between holder and apparent owner.

46:30B-7.2: Limitation on holder's power to impose charges.

46:30B-8: When property payable or distributable

46:30B-9: When property subject to custody.

46:30B-10: Further conditions to be satisfied to subject property to custody.

46:30B-10.1: Presumption of location

46:30B-10.2: Presumption of abandonment after issuance.

46:30B-11: Presumption of abandonment of travelers check.

46:30B-12: Presumption of abandonment of money order.

46:30B-13: Limitation on holder's power to impose service charges.

46:30B-14: Conditions subjecting property to custody of State.

46:30B-15: Application of R.S.46:30B-14 in certain cases

46:30B-16: Presumption of abandonment.

46:30B-17: Limitation on holder's power to impose charges.

46:30B-18: Presumption of abandonment.

46:30B-19: Includable in "property"

46:30B-20: Limitation on holder's power to impose charges.

46:30B-21: When automatically renewable property is matured.

46:30B-22: Presumption of abandonment.

46:30B-23: Presumed address of person entitled to funds other than insured or annuitant if address unknown

46:30B-24: Determining maturity of insurance policy or annuity contract.

46:30B-25: Effect of automatic premium loan provision or nonforfeiture provision upon maturity or termination of insurance policy.

46:30B-26: Notice to insured or owner of policy of exercise of automatic premium loan or other nonforfeiture provision

46:30B-27: Duty imposed upon company to pay proceeds of insurance or annuity to beneficiary

46:30B-28: Information to be requested in change of beneficiary form

46:30B-28.1: Property distributable by insurance company.

46:30B-29: Presumption of abandonment

46:30B-30: Presumption of abandonment

46:30B-31: Presumption of abandonment.

46:30B-32: Presumption of abandonment for failure to claim dividend or distribution.

46:30B-33: When period of abandonment ceases.

46:30B-34: Items presumed abandoned when interest presumed abandoned.

46:30B-36: Presumption of abandonment.

46:30B-37: Presumption of abandonment.

46:30B-37.1: Presumption of abandonment: unclaimed estate assets.

46:30B-37.2: Debt of business association.

46:30B-38: Funds in retirement account or plan.

46:30B-38.1: Funds in non-traditional retirement account or plan.

46:30B-39: When agent deemed to hold property in fiduciary capacity

46:30B-40: Fiduciary for business association deemed holder of property

46:30B-41: Presumption of abandonment: Superior Court and surrogate.

46:30B-41.1: Presumption of abandonment: minor's funds.

46:30B-41.2: Presumption of abandonment: governmental entity.

46:30B-41.3: Presumption of abandonment; class actions.

46:30B-42: Presumption of abandonment.

46:30B-42.1: Presumption of abandonment of stored value card; exceptions; cash redemption.

46:30B-43: Amounts presumed abandoned.

46:30B-43.1: Limitation on holder's power to impose charges.

46:30B-44: Presumption of abandonment

46:30B-45: Presumption of abandonment.

46:30B-46: Duty of holder to report property presumed abandoned.

46:30B-47: Form and contents of report.

46:30B-47.1: Contents of report: Superior Court Clerk and surrogate

46:30B-48: Report by successor holder of property

46:30B-49: Time to file report; postponement.

46:30B-50: Notice to apparent owner.

46:30B-50.1: Posting of notice by Superior Court Clerk and surrogate

46:30B-51: Publication of notice by administrator.

46:30B-52: Form and contents of notice to be published.

46:30B-53: Items which need not be included in published notice.

46:30B-54: Blank

46:30B-55: Blank

46:30B-56: Article not applicable to travelers checks or money orders or court deposits

46:30B-57: Payment or delivery with report.

46:30B-58: Establishment by owner of right to property before payment or delivery; erroneous presumption of abandonment

46:30B-59: Payment or delivery of property not included in report

46:30B-60: Delivery of duplicate certificates or other evidence of ownership by holder; holder, etc., relieved of liability

46:30B-60.1: Transfer of ownership after delivery with report.

46:30B-61: Custody by state; holder relieved from liability

46:30B-62: Reimbursement of holder paying claim.

46:30B-63: Holder reclaiming property for owner

46:30B-64: Proof by holder to recover money or property

46:30B-65: Defending and indemnifying holder against claims for property paid or delivered.

46:30B-66: "Good faith" defined

46:30B-67: Payment of safe deposit box or repository charges.

46:30B-68: Crediting dividends, interest or other increments to owner's account

46:30B-69: Sale of abandoned property

46:30B-70: Sale price of securities

46:30B-71: Securities to be held one year before sale; exception

46:30B-72: Securities to be held one year before sale; rights of claimant if securities sold before or after end of one-year period.

46:30B-72.1: Sale of tangible property

46:30B-73: Rights of purchaser of property

46:30B-74: Deposits of funds by administrator; terms defined.

46:30B-75: Investment, reinvestment of moneys deposited.

46:30B-76: Record to be maintained by administrator.

46:30B-76.1: Confidentiality of certain records.

46:30B-76.2: Disclosure of confidential information.

46:30B-76.3: Access to confidential information

46:30B-77: Filing claim; another state excluded.

46:30B-78: Time to consider claim; notice of denial.

46:30B-79: Payment of claim.

46:30B-79.1: Certain claims treated as refund of tax for satisfying debt.

46:30B-80: Holder paying claim; interest

46:30B-81: Grounds for recovery of property by another state.

46:30B-82: Form of claim; allowance.

46:30B-83: Indemnification

46:30B-84: Action to establish claim

46:30B-85: Administrator may decline to receive property

46:30B-86: Authorization of administrator to assume custody of property prior to presumption of abandonment

46:30B-87: Authority of administrator to destroy or otherwise dispose of property

46:30B-88: Periods of limitation no bar to presuming property abandoned or duty to report and deliver property

46:30B-89: Time within which administrator may bring action against holder.

46:30B-90: Administrator may require filing of reports.

46:30B-91: Examination of records by administrator; generally.

46:30B-92: Examination of records by administrator; agents and fiduciaries for business association.

46:30B-93: Assessment of costs for examination.

46:30B-94: Assessing estimated costs for examination when records are insufficient.

46:30B-95: Maintaining records; generally.

46:30B-96: Maintaining records; travelers checks, money orders, etc.

46:30B-96.1: Continuity of records

46:30B-97: Enforcement. Actions in Superior Court

46:30B-97.1: Enforcement. Actions in federal court or courts of other states by administrator

46:30B-97.2: Enforcement. Right of administrator to intervene in judicial or administrative proceedings

46:30B-97.3: Enforcement. Administrator deemed an indispensable party in judicial or administrative proceedings

46:30B-98: Interstate agreements.

46:30B-99: Consultation by administrator with other states to avoid conflicts as to procedures

46:30B-100: Joint enforcement

46:30B-101: Attorney General may bring action in behalf of another state

46:30B-102: Action by administrator in another state

46:30B-103: Interest payable for failure to pay or deliver property in time

46:30B-104: Penalty for failure to render report or perform other duties.

46:30B-105: Penalty for willful failure to report, pay or deliver property.

46:30B-105.1: Penalty for fraudulent report.

46:30B-105.2: Calculation of penalty and interest after examination.

46:30B-105.3: Waiver of penalty and interest.

46:30B-106: Unenforceable agreements

46:30B-107: Adoption of rules by administrator

46:30B-108: Transfer of funds and assets

46:30B-109: Statutes repealed