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Title: 46 - PROPERTY

Chapter: 8C - Mobile home park fees

46:8C-2: Mobile home park fees

46:8C-3: Sale of mobile home within park; notice to and approval by owner or operator

46:8C-4: Leases; delivery and posting of rules and regulations

46:8C-5: Waiver of provisions of act by agreement; invalidity

46:8C-6: Severability

46:8C-7: Construction of act

46:8C-8: Regulation and licensing by municipality; ordinance

46:8C-9: Sale of first mobile home located on each site to be leased within park

46:8C-10: Definitions.

46:8C-11: Rights of homeowners on offer for sale

46:8C-12: Right of homeowners on offer to buy

46:8C-13: Rights not applicable to certain sales, etc.

46:8C-14: Compliance as prerequisite to recording

46:8C-15: Formation of association

46:8C-16: Association notice to landowner, recording

46:8C-17: Purpose of association

46:8C-18: Governing bylaws; requisites

46:8C-19: Powers, duties of the association

46:8C-20: Duties of private residential leasehold community owner

46:8C-21: Relocations, variances, certain, prohibited