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Title: 46 - PROPERTY

Chapter: 8B -

46:8B-1: Short title

46:8B-2: Saving clause

46:8B-3: Definitions

46:8B-4: Status of units

46:8B-5: Types of ownership

46:8B-6: Common elements

46:8B-7: Invalidity of contrary agreements

46:8B-8: Creation, establishment of condominium.

46:8B-8.1: Establishment of condominium upon land held under lease

46:8B-9: Master deed, contents.

46:8B-10: Unit deeds and other instruments

46:8B-11: Amendments to master deed

46:8B-12: The association

46:8B-12.1: Members of governing board; elections; written approval of actions by developer; control by board; delivery of items

46:8B-12.2: Management, employment, service or maintenance contract or contract for equipment or materials; 2 year limitation; termination

46:8B-13: Bylaws

46:8B-13.1: Explanatory materials, guidelines for condominium associations, administrators

46:8B-14: Responsibilities of association

46:8B-15: Powers of association.

46:8B-16: Authority, rights of unit owner

46:8B-17: Common expenses

46:8B-18: Prohibited work

46:8B-19: Taxes, assessments and charges; valuation of units; exemptions or deductions

46:8B-20: Liens for labor or materials

46:8B-21: Liens in favor of association; priority.

46:8B-22: Effect of sheriff's sale

46:8B-23: Blanket mortgage

46:8B-24: Fire or other casualty

46:8B-25: Eminent domain

46:8B-26: Condominium termination

46:8B-27: Effect of deed of revocation

46:8B-28: Resubmission

46:8B-29: Zoning

46:8B-30: Partial invalidity

46:8B-31: Legislative findings and declarations

46:8B-32: Unconscionability of leases; rebuttable presumption; elements of lease

46:8B-33: Severability

46:8B-34: Selling price; inclusion of statement of membership fees

46:8B-35: Lease of parking, recreational or other common facility or area for over 20 years; option to renew or purchase

46:8B-36: Master deeds or bylaws of association; rebuttable presumption of unconscionability

46:8B-37: Application of act

46:8B-38: Right of first refusal clause in contract for sale of condominium, master deed or association bylaws; applicability to state or any political subdivis