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Title: 46 - PROPERTY

Chapter: 3 - Feudal tenures abolished

46:3-1: Feudal tenures abolished

46:3-2: Certain tenures and holdings turned into free and common socage

46:3-3: Certain conveyances to operate in free and common socage

46:3-4: Rents certain or rights and incidents to common socage not discharged

46:3-5: Alienation of freeholds (statute quia emptores terrarum)

46:3-6: Gifts, grants and conveyances by state allodial

46:3-7: Transferability of estates of expectancy

46:3-8: Grants of real estate, rents, reversions or remainders without attornment of tenant

46:3-9: Conveyance of uses (statute of uses)

46:3-10: Fines and common recoveries abolished

46:3-11: Collateral warranties by ancestor abolished

46:3-12: Warranties by life tenant void as to reversioners or remaindermen

46:3-13: Fee simple; creation by deed; construction favorable to creation

46:3-14: Rule in Shelley's Case abolished

46:3-15: Estates tail abolished

46:3-16: Buildings and other things included in deeds to land

46:3-17: Tenancies in common; joint tenancies

46:3-17.1: Joint tenancies; creation

46:3-17.2: Tenancy by entirety

46:3-17.3: Property interest

46:3-17.4: Written consent of both spouses

46:3-17.5: Surviving spouse sole owner

46:3-18: Aliens; "alien friend" defined; right to acquire, hold and transfer real estate

46:3-19: Estates, rights and interests in areas above surface of ground

46:3-20: Enjoyment, alienation, demise, etc., of areas above surface of ground

46:3-21: Rights, burdens, restrictions, etc., pertaining to lands applicable

46:3-22: Application of existing laws to estates, etc., in areas above surface of ground

46:3-23: Discrimination prohibited in promise, covenant, restriction

46:3-24: Short title

46:3-25: Solar easements; creation in writing; recording

46:3-26: Contents

46:3-27: Conveyance or reservation of mineral rights; exclusion of water rights

46:3-28: Declarations, findings relative to private transfer fees.

46:3-29: Definitions relative to private transfer fees.

46:3-30: Private transfer fee obligation shall not run with title to real property; exceptions.

46:3-31: Liability for damages.

46:3-32: Disclosure of existence of private transfer fee obligation.

46:3-33: Recording of notice of private transfer fee; requirements.