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Title: 46 - PROPERTY

Chapter: 8D -

46:8D-1: Short title

46:8D-2: Findings, declarations

46:8D-3: Definitions

46:8D-4: Recording of documents

46:8D-5: Plan of cooperative ownership

46:8D-6: Master declaration

46:8D-7: Master register

46:8D-8: Fees

46:8D-9: Lands in more than 1 county, state

46:8D-10: Amendments

46:8D-11: Contents of transfer document, short form memorandum

46:8D-12: Recording of documents

46:8D-13: Recording, indexing fees

46:8D-13.1: Findings, declarations relative to rental housing and cooperatives; agreements, certain, unenforceable

46:8D-14: Recording of financing statement security agreement, lien

46:8D-15: Liens

46:8D-16: Deed of revocation

46:8D-17: Resubmission permissible

46:8D-18: Adherence to definition of "cooperative"