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Title: 46 - PROPERTY

Chapter: 8 - Attornments by tenant to strangers to title; effect

46:8-1: Attornments by tenant to strangers to title; effect

46:8-2: Grantees or assignees of leased real estate or reversions thereof; rights same as those of original lessors

46:8-3: Lessees of real estate; rights against grantees of reversion

46:8-4: Original lease surrendered and new lease made; rights and duties under new lease

46:8-5: Judicial sale of leased interests

46:8-6: Injuries by fire to buildings on leased premises; repair by landlord

46:8-7: Buildings on leased premises totally destroyed by fire or otherwise; lease terminated

46:8-8: Forfeiture of lease of premises used for prostitution or assignation

46:8-9: Three months' notice to tenant to quit sufficient

46:8-9.1: Termination on death

46:8-9.2: Termination of certain residential leases due to disability.

46:8-9.3: Rules, regulations

46:8-9.4: Short title.

46:8-9.5: Findings, declarations relative to termination of lease agreements by domestic violence victims.

46:8-9.6: Requirements for termination of lease.

46:8-9.7: Effective date of lease termination, conditions affecting co-tenants.

46:8-9.8: Notice relative to public housing leases.

46:8-9.9: Waiving of rights, remedies prohibited.

46:8-9.10: Existing lease agreements unaffected.

46:8-9.11: Disclosure of certain information by landlord prohibited; exceptions.

46:8-9.12: Inapplicability of act to seasonal use, rental.

46:8-10: Tenant holding over; tenancy from month to month

46:8-19: Security deposits; investment, deposit, disposition

46:8-19.1: Rules, regulations

46:8-20: Procedure on conveyance of property

46:8-21: Liability on transfer

46:8-21.1: Return of deposit; displaced tenant; termination of lease; civil penalties, certain.

46:8-21.2: Limitation on amount of deposit

46:8-21.3: Security deposits prior to effective date of act; date of compliance

46:8-21.4: Small claims jurisdiction of actions on security deposits less than $5,000

46:8-21.5: Deposit recovery, certain; court action not required for tenant receiving financial assistance.

46:8-22: Enforcement of trust by civil action

46:8-23: Statutory trust upon insolvency or bankruptcy of person receiving security deposit

46:8-24: Waiver by depositor prohibited

46:8-25: Unlawful diversion of trust funds; penalty

46:8-26: Application of act

46:8-27: Landlord, project defined.

46:8-28: Certificate of registration; filing, contents.

46:8-28.1: Certificate; indexing, filing; inspection; fee; validation.

46:8-28.2: Certificate of registration; amendment; filing

46:8-28.3: Registration under act if in compliance with L.1974, c. 50, or Hotel and Multiple Dwelling Law

46:8-28.4: Inapplicability of act to current proceedings, liabilities or penalties

46:8-28.5: Certificate of registration, fee; exceptions.

46:8-29: Provision of copy of certificate of registration to tenant.

46:8-29.1: Tenants advised of list.

46:8-30: Date of preparation; stipulation

46:8-31: Service by mail upon record owner

46:8-32: Service of process on Superior Court clerk

46:8-33: Action for possession by landlord; compliance with act

46:8-34: Jurisdiction of Superior Court; amounts under $3,000

46:8-35: Penalty for violation; recovery to municipalities

46:8-36: Waiver of rights by agreement; unenforceability

46:8-37: Severability

46:8-38: Definitions

46:8-39: Information on crime insurance; advice to tenants

46:8-40: Owners of multiple dwellings; duties to make tenant insurable

46:8-41: Penalties

46:8-42: Severability

46:8-43: Short title

46:8-44: Definitions

46:8-45: Statement of legal rights and responsibilities of tenants and landlords of rental dwelling units.

46:8-46: Statement; distribution and posting by landlords

46:8-47: Violations of act; penalty

46:8-48: Offer of or entry into lease in violation of rights of tenants; termination of lease; exception

46:8-49: Waiver of right to receive or refusal to accept statement; effect

46:8-50: Notification to tenants if property is in flood zone