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Title: 46 - PROPERTY

Chapter: 38A -

46:38A-1: Short title

46:38A-2: Definitions

46:38A-3: Scope of chapter

46:38A-4: Jurisdiction over custodian

46:38A-5: Choice of law

46:38A-6: Revocable nomination of custodian based upon happening of future event

46:38A-7: When custodianship becomes effective under revocable nomination of custodian

46:38A-8: Transfer by gift or exercise of power of appointment

46:38A-9: Transfer authorized by will or trust

46:38A-10: Transfer under will or trust; transfer to be made to nominated custodian

46:38A-11: Transfer under will or trust; custodian not nominated or dead, etc.

46:38A-12: Other transfers by personal representative or trustee

46:38A-13: Transfers by a guardian

46:38A-14: Conditions under which certain transfers may be made by a personal representative, trustee or guardian

46:38A-15: Transfer by obligor

46:38A-16: Transfer by obligor; custodian nominated

46:38A-17: Transfer by obligor; custodian not nominated or dead, etc.

46:38A-18: Receipt for custodial property

46:38A-19: Manner of creating custodial property and effecting transfer; designation of initial custodian

46:38A-20: Form of instrument to make certain transfers

46:38A-21: Control of custodial property

46:38A-22: Single custodianship

46:38A-23: Validity of transfer

46:38A-24: Transfer deemed irrevocable and vested in minor subject to rights, powers, duties and authority of custodian

46:38A-25: Transfer incorporates all provisions of chapter

46:38A-26: Care of custodial property

46:38A-27: Duty of care owed by custodian

46:38A-28: Investment or payment of premiums on life insurance or endowment policies by custodian

46:38A-29: Custodial property to be kept separate and distinct

46:38A-30: Records to be kept by custodian

46:38A-31: Powers of custodian

46:38A-32: Use of custodial property by custodian for benefit of minor

46:38A-33: Application to court for use of custodial property for benefit of minor

46:38A-34: Use of custodial property for benefit of minor not to affect obligation to support minor

46:38A-35: Custodian's expenses

46:38A-36: Custodian's compensation

46:38A-37: Custodian's bond

46:38A-38: Exemption of third person from liability

46:38A-39: Liability to third persons generally

46:38A-40: Liability of custodian to third persons

46:38A-41: Liability of minor to third persons

46:38A-42: Custodian declining to serve, designation of successor custodian

46:38A-43: Designation of successor custodian by custodian

46:38A-44: Resignation of custodian; notice; delivery of custodial property

46:38A-45: Designation successor custodian when custodian is ineligible, dies or becomes incapacitated

46:38A-46: Delivery of custodial property to successor custodian

46:38A-47: Removal of custodian; bond

46:38A-48: Accounting by and determination of liability of custodian

46:38A-49: Accounting by predecessor custodian

46:38A-50: Accounting required or permitted by the court

46:38A-51: Accounting and order for delivery of custodial property upon removal of custodian

46:38A-52: Termination of custodianship

46:38A-53: Applicability of chapter

46:38A-54: Validation of certain transfers

46:38A-55: Construction

46:38A-56: Reservation of power

46:38A-57: Laws repealed