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Title: 46 - PROPERTY

Chapter: 38 -

46:38-13: Short title

46:38-14: Definitions

46:38-15: Gifts to minors

46:38-16: Custodial gift

46:38-17: Effect of custodial gift

46:38-18: Acceptance of custodianship; notice

46:38-19: Successor custodians; designation

46:38-19.1: Resignation, death or removal of custodian; designation of successor custodian

46:38-20: Acceptance of custodianship by designated successor

46:38-20.1: Taking effect of designation of successor custodian

46:38-21: Persons eligible to be custodians

46:38-22: Authorization of trustee or executor to make gift to minor

46:38-23: Gift to one minor; one person as custodian

46:38-24: Placing subject of gift in possession and control of custodian

46:38-24.1: Placement of possession and control of custodial property in successor custodian; priority of instruments of designation

46:38-25: Rights, duties or authority of guardian with respect to custodial property

46:38-26: Combining and treating gifts as single custodial gift; separate administration of gifts

46:38-27: Custodian; powers, duties

46:38-28: Reimbursement for expenses; compensation; bond; liability for losses

46:38-29: Exemption of third persons from liability

46:38-30: Resignation of custodian; procedure

46:38-32: Death, renunciation of custodian

46:38-33: Requiring custodian to give bond; removal of custodian; transfer of custodial property

46:38-34: Accounting by custodian

46:38-35: Delivery of notice

46:38-36: Construction of act

46:38-37: Model act; application and repeal

46:38-38: Gifts made under model act

46:38-39: Gifts authorized or directed to be made under model act

46:38-40: Reservation of power

46:38-41: Provisions severable