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Title: 46 - PROPERTY

Chapter: 8A -

46:8A-1: Short title

46:8A-2: Definitions

46:8A-3: Horizontal property regimes; mergers

46:8A-3.1: Organization of two or more regimes as nonprofit corporation; application of act

46:8A-4: Status of apartments within horizontal property regime

46:8A-5: Joint tenancies; tenancies in common; tenancies by the entirety

46:8A-6: Ownership of apartments; of common elements; value

46:8A-7: Indivisibility of common elements

46:8A-8: Use of elements held in common

46:8A-9: Recordation of master deed; matters to be set forth in deed

46:8A-10: Plans to be attached to master deed

46:8A-11: Description of individual apartments

46:8A-12: Waiver of regime

46:8A-13: Merger no bar to reconstitution

46:8A-14: By-laws; inserting or appending to master deed

46:8A-15: Necessary contents of by-laws; modification of system; recordation

46:8A-16: Books of receipts and expenditures; availability for examination

46:8A-17: Council of co-owners; access to apartments

46:8A-18: Contributions for payment of expenses of administration and maintenance

46:8A-19: Compliance with by-laws; damages or injunctive relief for noncompliance

46:8A-20: Liens for labor or materials

46:8A-21: Priority of liens

46:8A-22: Joint and several liability of purchaser and seller for payment of assessments; purchaser's recovery; statement of amount due by seller

46:8A-23: Insuring building and common elements against risks

46:8A-24: Application of insurance proceeds to reconstruction; pro rata distribution in certain cases; rules governing reconstruction

46:8A-25: Building costs in excess of insurance proceeds

46:8A-26: Taxes, assessments and charges; valuation of apartments; exemptions or deductions

46:8A-27: Incorporation

46:8A-28: Partial invalidity