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Chapter: 12 - Application of chapter

48:12-1: Application of chapter

48:12-2: Exclusive franchises; railroads subject to general laws

48:12-3: Certified copies of certificates, surveys and documents as evidence

48:12-4: Time for discharging duty or exercising privilege; effect of restraint by court

48:12-13: General powers, restrictions and liabilities; governed by Title 14

48:12-14: Purchase and sale of capital stock, securities and franchises of other corporations

48:12-15: Sale or exchange by railroad company of its property and franchises; procedure

48:12-16: Change of name; extension of corporate existence; change in amount and classes of stock

48:12-17: Voting by bondholders

48:12-18: Borrowing money; bonds; mortgages; usury as defense; penalty

48:12-19: Motive power; condemnation

48:12-20: Construction and use of tracks across streets and highways by certain companies

48:12-21: Operation of ferry as part of railroad system

48:12-22: Purchasing or hiring vessels, wharves and landings

48:12-23: Foreign railroads in this state; rights and liabilities

48:12-23.1: Improvement and use of real estate not required or used for railroad purposes

48:12-24: Filing surveys of routes of main line and branches

48:12-25: Deposit with treasurer prerequisite to filing survey of branch

48:12-26: Recording surveys of main lines and branches; fees

48:12-27: Right of way; width

48:12-28: Entry on lands and construction of road; payment or tender of damages

48:12-29: Time for commencement and completion of road

48:12-30: Failure to timely commence or complete road; priority of location

48:12-31: Extension of time for completing road

48:12-32: Branch lines to mills, factories and mines; municipal consent

48:12-32.1: Branch lines, spurs or side tracks to horse race meeting premises; deposit with state treasurer; municipal consent

48:12-33: Connecting roads by branches

48:12-34: Connection between railroad and street railway

48:12-35.1: Authority and extent of condemnation.

48:12-36: Crossing another railroad; required grade angle

48:12-37: Relocating route before construction

48:12-38: Change of location of route to avoid physical obstacles

48:12-39: Straightening, shortening or improving road; condemning land

48:12-40: Abandonment of part of line; repaying of deposit; new survey

48:12-40.1: Cautionary boards not connected with automatic block signal system

48:12-40.2: Violations

48:12-41: Construction and maintenance; draws; land under water belonging to state

48:12-42: Draws; lights and attendants; penalty for neglect

48:12-43: Bridge over shallow tidal waters; necessity of draw; determination of department of conservation and economic development

48:12-44: Bridges over Delaware river; condemnation; taking lands of state

48:12-45: Tunnel under interstate waters; manner of constructing; changing sewers

48:12-46: Duty to erect and maintain; liability

48:12-47: Penalty for driving animals on tracks

48:12-48: Speed of trains through cities where fence, embankment or cut is maintained

48:12-49: Bridges and passages at street and road crossings; private ways and cattle guards

48:12-49.1: Construction of bridges or passages; installation of protective devices; division of expenses

48:12-50: Piers to support bridges over streets or highways

48:12-51: Highways over or under railroad; condemnation of lands for embankment or cutting

48:12-52: Failure to construct and maintain bridges and crossings; procedure by county or municipality

48:12-53: Construction of tracks along city streets; elevated roads; contracts

48:12-54: Protections at grade crossings; group signals

48:12-55: Compelling proper protection of grade crossing

48:12-56: Enforcement; penalty; construction

48:12-57: Safety measure for locomotives; penalties; "supplementary safety measure" defined; limitations.

48:12-57.1: Pilot demonstration program for supplementary safety measures.

48:12-58: Warning signs at grade crossings

48:12-58.1: Abandonment of line and grade crossings; notice; substitution of abandoned grade crossing sign for warning sign

48:12-59: Protection of electrified third rail at grade crossings

48:12-60: Failure to protect electrified third rail; penalty; negligence per se

48:12-61: Authority of board of public utility commissioners; manner of elimination

48:12-62: Division of expenses

48:12-63: Expense of change in or removal of public utility property or facilities; hearing

48:12-64: Petition for removal of grade crossing; hearing; notice; determination

48:12-65: Notice of hearing; publication; contents

48:12-66: Powers vested in board of public utility commissioners and courts

48:12-67: Changes or alterations ordered prior to April 14, 1930

48:12-67.1: Application of sections 48:12-61 to 48:12-66

48:12-68: Annual program by state highway department; maximum yearly expenditure

48:12-69: Railroad companies to be furnished annual program; co-operation required

48:12-70: Division of cost between railroads and Highway Department

48:12-71: Agreement for division of cost

48:12-72: Expense of certain crossings not at grade

48:12-73: Agreements with railroad companies to perform the work

48:12-74: Furnishing annual program to municipalities and public utilities; changes at own expense

48:12-75: Maintenance and repair of completed work

48:12-76: Closing, abandoning or combining crossings

48:12-77: Sharing of expense of closing, abandoning or combining highway or crossing

48:12-78: Determination of disputes

48:12-79: Contracts between municipalities and railroads; condemnation; division of expenses

48:12-80: Taxes or bonds by municipalities to pay their share of expenses

48:12-81: Contracts between county and railroad for elimination of grade crossings; street railways

48:12-82: Contributory negligence at crossings having safety gates jury question

48:12-83: Crossing not having protective device; contributory negligence jury question

48:12-84: Traveler's right to assume proper operation of safety devices at grade crossing

48:12-85: Spark arresters on engines; penalty

48:12-86: Liability for damage by fire from sparks

48:12-87: Insurance by railroad of property exposed to fire from sparks

48:12-87.1: Diesel locomotives; ventilation of cab; penalty for violation

48:12-87.2: General requirements

48:12-87.3: Exception

48:12-87.4: Administration and enforcement; penalty

48:12-87.5: Partial invalidity

48:12-88: Requiring safe ingress and egress to railroad station

48:12-89: Inclosures around stations

48:12-90: Abandonment of station or discontinuance of passenger or freight agent

48:12-90.1: Electric headlight and tail light

48:12-90.2: Windshield and device for removing moisture; top

48:12-90.3: Administration of act; rules and regulations

48:12-90.4: Violation of act; penalty

48:12-91: Consent of municipality and approval of public utility commissioners

48:12-92.1: Condemnation

48:12-93: Stocks and bonds; mortgages; approval

48:12-95.1: Condemnation of right-of-way

48:12-96: Operation authorized

48:12-97: Prerequisites to operation of autobusses

48:12-98: Franchise taxes; exemption from other taxes

48:12-99: Train service; accommodations for transportation; civil liability

48:12-100: Right to demand and receive fares

48:12-101: Tickets; length of validity

48:12-103: Extra fare for parlor and sleeping cars

48:12-104: Ejection of passenger for nonpayment of fare

48:12-105: Reduced rates for ministers and members of religious orders

48:12-106: Liability for injuries to passenger on platform

48:12-107: Baggage checks; penalty for refusal

48:12-108: Transportation of bicycles as baggage; penalty for refusal

48:12-109: State officials and employees entitled to free transportation

48:12-110: Issuance of certificates; contents; list to railroads; revocation

48:12-111: Production of certificate on request

48:12-112: Loaning certificate; illegal use of certificate; penalty

48:12-113: Certificates taken up for misuse; restoration or cancellation

48:12-114: Return of certificate at expiration of office or employment

48:12-115: Existing charter or statute obligation of railroads not affected

48:12-116: Free transportation to municipal police and county detectives

48:12-117: Freight charges

48:12-118: Rates for way freight

48:12-118.1: Greater rate for way freight; lesser rate for long hauls; board may authorize; restrictions

48:12-119: Exchange of freight; transportation and rate

48:12-120: Mail; rate and terms of carrying; commission to determine

48:12-121: Rates for express matter and fragile property; agreement between railroad and express companies

48:12-122: Responsibility for freight not delivered at station

48:12-123: Charges for demurrage or car service

48:12-124: Lien for demurrage; bond for delivery of property where claim disputed

48:12-125: Limitation of liability; notice

48:12-125.1: Railroad rights of way; acquisition; abandonment; sale, conveyance.

48:12-125.2: Contents of notice

48:12-125.3: Service of notice

48:12-126: Lease, consolidation or merger authorized; rates

48:12-127: Filing agreement of waiver; approval of board of public utility commissioners

48:12-128: Joint agreement for consolidation or merger; contents

48:12-129: Submission of agreement to stockholders

48:12-130: Filing and recording of agreement; record or copy as evidence

48:12-131: Effect of consolidation or merger; rights, duties and liabilities of new or acquiring company; acquisition of land

48:12-132: Stockholders dissenting from consolidation, merger or lease; procedure

48:12-133: Issuance of stock and exchange or sale of stock and bonds by consolidated company

48:12-134: Borrowing money; bonds secured by mortgage

48:12-135: Lessor company may borrow money and issue bonds secured by mortgage

48:12-136: Filing of survey and maps of lines; relocation of routes

48:12-137: State treasurer to repay deposit in certain cases

48:12-138: Sale or lease; title vested in purchaser or lessee

48:12-139: Acceptance of former charter or organization of new company

48:12-140: New company may issue bonds and stock; settling debts of former company

48:12-141: Foreclosure sale of railroad of another state with part of route in this state

48:12-142: Procedure to acquire property and franchise within state; transfer of property to new company

48:12-143: Purchase by another railroad company of railroad and franchises sold by court order

48:12-144: Foreclosure sale in another state of foreign railroad operating road within this state

48:12-145: Failure to run daily trains; receiver; exceptions

48:12-146: Operation of insolvent railroad by receiver; expenses

48:12-147: Sale or lease of railroad by receiver

48:12-148: Lease of railroad by trustee or receiver; conditions

48:12-149: Return to receiver of insolvent railroad money deposited with state treasurer

48:12-150: Dissolution; procedure; repayment of deposit with state treasurer

48:12-151: Limitation of actions; injuries to persons; death; injuries to property by fire

48:12-152: Trespassing on property prohibited; recovery barred in certain cases.

48:12-153: Liability of railroad for amount due laborer by contractor

48:12-154: Badges for passenger train and station employees

48:12-155: Number in train crews

48:12-156: Selling articles on train without license

48:12-157: Unauthorized exercise of franchise; penalty

48:12-158: Placing freight car in rear of passenger car; misdemeanor; exceptions where ordered by army or navy officers

48:12-160: Unobstructed windows on passenger cars; penalty

48:12-161: Signal device between engine and cars; penalty

48:12-163: Intoxication of engineer or conductor; misdemeanor

48:12-164: Strikes; employees abandoning or refusing to aid in movement of trains; misdemeanor

48:12-165: Strikes; interfering with employees; injuring, destroying or obstructing property; misdemeanor

48:12-166: Neglect or refusal to pay fare; penalty

48:12-168: Railroad operators to remove obstructive vegetation near railroad crossings.