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Chapter: 1 Application of provisions of general corporation law
Chapter: 2 Board of Public Utilities continued; membership; terms.
Chapter: 3 Unjust or unreasonable discriminations or classifications of rates; "board" defined
Chapter: 4 Scope of chapter; terms defined
Chapter: 5 Formation authorized
Chapter: 5A
Chapter: 6 Powers in general
Chapter: 6A Agents for service of process; filing of powers of attorney
Chapter: 7 Erection of poles; consent of property owner; designation of street
Chapter: 8 Board of freeholders to fix rates; clerk's fee for copies
Chapter: 9 Exclusive franchises; general laws applicable
Chapter: 10 Power to condemn; state water policy commission unaffected
Chapter: 12 Application of chapter
Chapter: 12A Legislative findings and policy
Chapter: 13 Entry on lands for preliminary surveys
Chapter: 13A
Chapter: 14 Manner of laying pipes and conduits
Chapter: 15 "Street railway or traction company" ; "street"
Chapter: 16
Chapter: 16A
Chapter: 17 Poles and conduits; erection or construction; consent of owner of land
Chapter: 18A Vacating turnpike or plank road; petition to board of public utility commissioners; notice
Chapter: 19 Extension of chapter to companies filing certificate prior to January 1, 1920
Chapter: 23