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Chapter: 13A -

48:13A-1: Short title

48:13A-2: Findings, declarations

48:13A-3: Definitions

48:13A-4: Rules, regulations for utility aspects

48:13A-4.1: Septic waste disposal; charges or rates; jurisdiction

48:13A-5: Award of franchises

48:13A-5.1: Tonnage charge

48:13A-6: Qualifications

48:13A-6.1: Sanitary landfill facility; operation after filing of and under conditions in tariff

48:13A-6.2: Regulation of transfer stations

48:13A-6.3: Increase of tariffs for solid waste facilities

48:13A-7: Proof of reasonable rates; adjustments

48:13A-7.1: Short title

48:13A-7.2: Findings, declarations

48:13A-7.3: Definitions

48:13A-7.4: Fees

48:13A-7.5: Just and reasonable rates and charges

48:13A-7.6: Review of rate and charges

48:13A-7.7: Filing revised tariff sheets

48:13A-7.8: Conditions for the adjustment of rates

48:13A-7.9: Rules, regulations; schedule of rate bands in transition

48:13A-7.10: Rate adjustments by collector; report filing; customer notice

48:13A-7.11: Customer notices and bill of rights

48:13A-7.12: Uniform tariff rates; exigent

48:13A-7.13: Publication of rate schedules by the Board

48:13A-7.14: Board of Public Utilities reports; contents

48:13A-7.15: Deregulation or rates by Board of Public Utilities; conditions

48:13A-7.16: Provision of annual report; failure to comply

48:13A-7.17: Provision of records and other documents; failure to comply

48:13A-7.18: Extension of services; failure to comply

48:13A-7.19: Criteria for determining effective competition

48:13A-7.20: Review of collector's excessive rates; time; orders

48:13A-7.21: Solid Waste Enforcement Fund

48:13A-7.22: Rules, regulations

48:13A-7.23: Procedures for review of charges per container under municipal contracts

48:13A-7.24: Short title

48:13A-7.25: Findings, declarations relative to solid waste disposal services

48:13A-7.26: Definitions relative to solid waste disposal services

48:13A-7.27: Certificate of public convenience and necessity required for operation

48:13A-7.28: Adjustment of rates

48:13A-7.29: Annual fee

48:13A-7.30: Solid waste disposal rates deemed just and reasonable

48:13A-7.31: Contested case proceedings

48:13A-7.32: Jurisdiction of department

48:13A-7.33: Rules, regulations by department for regulatory reform

48:13A-8: Failure to perform; department orders

48:13A-9: Revocation or suspension of certificate of public convenience and necessity

48:13A-10: Monopoly prohibited; recovery of damages; prequalification test

48:13A-11: Attendance of witnesses; production of tariffs, accounts and documents

48:13A-12: Penalties; injunctive relief; payment to fund

48:13A-12.1: Solid waste vehicles not to transport food, rules and regulations

48:13A-12.2: Violations, penalties

48:13A-13: Derogation of rights