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Chapter: 16 -

48:16-1: Definitions

48:16-2: Necessity of municipal consent before operating autocab; limitation on license fee

48:16-2.1: Determination of number of taxi licenses available for issuance.

48:16-2.2: Construction of C.48:16-2.1 relative to issuance of license.

48:16-2.3: Issuance, qualification for license; reimbursement to municipality.

48:16-2.4: Display of tax license number.

48:16-3: Insurance; amount; criminal history record background check.

48:16-4: Blanket bond or insurance policy

48:16-5: Power of attorney

48:16-6: Certificate of compliance; contents; filing and posting

48:16-7: Operation in more than one municipality; filing of insurance policy

48:16-8: Exemption from insurance

48:16-9: Revocation of order of exemption

48:16-10: Revocation of municipal consent

48:16-11: Other automobile laws applicable

48:16-12: Penalty

48:16-13: Definitions.

48:16-13.1: Limousine defined; county, certain.

48:16-14: Insurance policy on limousine.

48:16-16: Power of attorney executed by owner of limousine.

48:16-17: Issuance of license to operate limousine; fee.

48:16-18: Insurance policy filed where owner has principal place of business.

48:16-18.1: Municipal licensing requirements for limousine service; fee.

48:16-21: Compliance with other laws.

48:16-22: License required to operate limousine.

48:16-22.1: Requirements for operation of limousine.

48:16-22.2: General examination of condition of limousine.

48:16-22.3: Limousine service owner, one license, etc. required.

48:16-22.3a: Requirements for applicants as driver of limousine, certain passenger vehicles.

48:16-22.3b: Applicants to be tested for controlled dangerous substances; regulations.

48:16-22.4: Regulations applicable to out-of State limousines, black cars; definition.

48:16-22.5: Construction of act in regard to taxis, limousine fares.

48:16-22.6: Construction of act in regard to filing complaint for consumer fraud.

48:16-22.7: State Limousine Advisory Committee.

48:16-23: Definitions

48:16-24: Municipal consent to operation; insurance; power of attorney; revocation of consent

48:16-25: Franchise tax; monthly statement of gross receipts; penalty for nonpayment; perjury

48:16-26: Other automobile laws applicable

48:16-27: Penalty

48:16-28: License fee in fourth-class cities