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Chapter: 5A -

48:5A-1: Short title

48:5A-2: Legislative findings, determinations, and declarations.

48:5A-3: Definitions.

48:5A-4: Office of Cable Television; establishment; inapplicability of Title 48 to cable television.

48:5A-5: Director; qualifications; compensation; appointment; term

48:5A-6: Director; powers and duties.

48:5A-7: Officers and employees; appointment; terms of employment.

48:5A-8: Annual report

48:5A-9: Board and director; power, authority and jurisdiction.

48:5A-10: Rules and regulations; promulgation; subject matter; cooperation with federal regulatory agencies.

48:5A-10.1: Electronic filing of documents by cable television companies.

48:5A-10.2: Electronic filing of documents by public utilities.

48:5A-10.3: Electronic filing of documents by entities under jurisdiction of BPU.

48:5A-11: Rates, charges and classifications for services; filing; publication; notice; review; hearings; limitation on revenues; effective competition.

48:5A-11a: Cable TV outages

48:5A-11b: Notice to subscribers of refund liability, rate decreases.

48:5A-11.1: Public purpose

48:5A-11.2: Discounted CATV rates; qualifications.

48:5A-11.3: Discount in rates not mandatory.

48:5A-11.4: No additional charge to hearing impaired individuals

48:5A-11.5: No charge permitted

48:5A-11.6: No charge if connected by subscriber, in series

48:5A-11.7: Installation

48:5A-11.8: Charge for connection of auxiliary equipment

48:5A-11.9: Other law not superseded

48:5A-11.10: Cable television company, specific late fee, method of calculation.

48:5A-11.11: CATV, advance notification, certain; requirement eliminated.

48:5A-11.12: Definitions relative to cable television, telecommunications service contracts.

48:5A-11.13: Opting out of contract without penalties for victims of domestic violence.

48:5A-15: Certificate of approval or system-wide franchise for extension, operation of CATV system; exceptions.

48:5A-16: Application for certificate of approval, system-wide franchise, fees; decision; appeal; hearings.

48:5A-17: Certificate of approval, system-wide franchise for CATV operations.

48:5A-18: Hearings; conduct; notice; intervention by municipalities; fees; disposition of fees and charges.

48:5A-19: Certificate of approval, system-wide franchise; transferability; duration; renewal.

48:5A-20: Highways and rights-of-way; use; joint use with other CATV company or public utility.

48:5A-20.1: Notice of development applications to CATV general manager, municipal registration.

48:5A-21: Lease, rental of facilities, rights-of-way.

48:5A-22: Municipal consent; necessity for certificate of approval

48:5A-23: Application; filing; fee; hearings; notices; additional applications; decision by municipality; report; conditions; fees; disposition

48:5A-24: Issuance by ordinance; terms; acceptance by company

48:5A-25: Conformance of municipal consent with act.

48:5A-25.1: Municipal consents, certificates of approval previously issued remain in effect, conversion to system-side franchise; conditions.

48:5A-25.2: Requirements for CATV system-wide franchise.

48:5A-26: Designation of municipal "complaint officer;" Office of CATV for system-wide franchises.

48:5A-26.1: Record of complaints, annual report.

48:5A-27: Information on applicant's financial responsibility, technical competency and general fitness

48:5A-28: Contents of application, commitments by system-wide franchises.

48:5A-28.1: Rules for dispute resolution between companies and municipalities.

48:5A-28.2: Application requirements relevant to board's decision on applications; enforcement of commitments.

48:5A-29: Conformance of proposals, representations to rules, regulations.

48:5A-30: Payment from CATV company to municipality; system-wide franchise fees, local and State.

48:5A-31: Municipal officers and employees; interest in CATV company; prohibitions

48:5A-32: Annual assessment by office

48:5A-33: Amount

48:5A-34: Levy and payment; statement of amount; statement of gross operating revenues by companies; filing; objections; hearings; determination; failure to pay

48:5A-35: Failure to pay amount; notice to state treasurer and company; collection by seizure and sale of goods or chattels

48:5A-36: Duties of CATV companies

48:5A-36.1: CATV service termination notices, designation of third parties to receive.

48:5A-37: Abandonment of property or discontinuance or temporary suspension of service; approval of board

48:5A-38: Combinations, mergers, consolidations, acquisition of control, certain circumstances; approval of board.

48:5A-39: Prohibited activities

48:5A-40: Sale, mortgage, lease, disposition, encumbrance, merger, consolidation, certain circumstances, approval by board.

48:5A-41: Loan of money or property to owners or corporations owned by shareholders; approval of board

48:5A-42: Issuance, renewal of stocks, bonds, notes, other evidences of indebtedness, certain circumstances; review by board.

48:5A-43: Sale or transfer of stock to other CATV corporation or to corporation or person resulting in acquisition of majority in interest; authorization

48:5A-44: Requirements by board; notice; system of accounting; depreciation account; report of finances and operations; notice of accidents

48:5A-45: Records, books, accounts, documents and writings; keeping within state; consent for exemption; conditions; designation of agent as custodian; jurisdic

48:5A-46: Inspection and examination of books, records, accounts, papers and memoranda

48:5A-47: Revocation, suspension, alteration of certificate, franchise.

48:5A-48: Order to extend system, to repair, to improve or add to system

48:5A-49: Landlords allowing cable television service reception by tenants; prohibition of charges and fees; indemnification of owners by installers; definition

48:5A-50: Immunity from liability for use of facilities for CATV company

48:5A-51: Penalties, enforcement.

48:5A-53: Severability

48:5A-54: Short title

48:5A-55: Definitions

48:5A-56: Personally identifiable information

48:5A-57: Provision of personally identifiable information to others

48:5A-58: Disclosure to subscriber

48:5A-59: Monitoring

48:5A-60: Collection of debt

48:5A-61: Examination, disclosure of data

48:5A-62: Fine for violation

48:5A-63: Liability

48:5A-64: Contract between private aggregator and municipalities.