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Chapter: 23 -

48:23-1: Short title

48:23-2: Definitions.

48:23-3: New Jersey Public Broadcasting Authority; establishment.

48:23-4: Board; appointment; terms; compensation; meetings; organization; secretary; seal.

48:23-7: Powers of authority.

48:23-8: Encumbering of assets

48:23-9: Political activities

48:23-10: Educational policies; curriculum content

48:23-13: Foundation for New Jersey Public Broadcasting established

48:23-14: Board of directors.

48:23-15: Executive director, employees

48:23-16: Bylaws

48:23-17: Use of funds.

48:23-18: Short title.

48:23-19: Findings, declarations relative to the State's public broadcasting system.

48:23-20: Transfer of State's public broadcasting system to another entity.

48:23-21: Preparation of written inventory of assets and liabilities.

48:23-22: Authorization for receipt of proposals, negotiation of contract.

48:23-23: Authorization to delegate by contract responsibility to another entity.

48:23-24: Receipt of records, liabilities, obligations, commitments of authority to effectuate transfer.

48:23-25: Authority to enter into contracts, transfer assets.

48:23-26: Disposition of transferred assets.

48:23-27: Terms of office terminated.

48:23-28: Terms of first members appointed.

48:23-29: "Trust Fund for the Support of Public Broadcasting."

48:23-30: Transfer approval.

48:23-31: Liberal construction, severability.