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Chapter: 9 - Exclusive franchises; general laws applicable

48:9-5: Exclusive franchises; general laws applicable

48:9-17: Powers of gas company; consent to laying of conductors

48:9-18: Companies may mortgage property and franchises

48:9-19: Increasing bonded indebtedness

48:9-21: Manner of laying pipes

48:9-23: Extension of main pipes to neighboring municipality

48:9-24: Piping gas to other municipalities

48:9-24.1: Condemnation; authority; purposes

48:9-25.1: Approval by Board of Public Utility Commissioners of character or heating quality of gas or of change therein required

48:9-25.2: Corporations manufacturing gas may distribute natural gas

48:9-25.3: Powers granted by act are additional powers

48:9-25.4: Distribution of natural gas; designation of route

48:9-25.8: Franchise, consents, permits and rights related to maintenance and operation of gas properties and facilities may also be acquired

48:9-25.9: Rights of corporation to which sale, transfer, conveyance and assignment has been made

48:9-26: Companies which may extend their corporate existence

48:9-27: Certificate; filing; contents

48:9-28: Affidavit of doing business

48:9-29: Privileges conferred by extension

48:9-30: No exclusive privileges; general laws applicable

48:9-31: Rights of state preserved

48:9-32: Taxes according to general laws

48:9-33: Penalties for violation of natural gas pipelines safety.