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Chapter: 8 - Board of freeholders to fix rates; clerk's fee for copies

48:8-1: Board of freeholders to fix rates; clerk's fee for copies

48:8-2: Table of rates; posting at ferry

48:8-3: Taking excessive fare; penalty

48:8-4: Proper boats adequately equipped required; penalties

48:8-5: Refusal to or delay in carrying passengers or goods; exception

48:8-6: Ejecting persons from ferryboats

48:8-7: Persons carried according to arrival; penalty

48:8-8: Maintenance of safe landing places

48:8-9: Actions for penalties

48:8-10: Stopping boat while receiving and discharging passengers; penalty; liability for injuries

48:8-11: Stopping engine while discharging passengers into small boats; penalty

48:8-12: Running steamboats against each other; penalty; damages

48:8-13: Deviating from course to impede boat passing in same direction; penalty; damages

48:8-14: Steamboats passing nearer than ten yards; penalty

48:8-15: Lights on steamboats navigated at night; penalty; damages

48:8-16: Law posted in cabin of steamboats; penalty

48:8-17: Actions for penalties; process